Caroline Nichols Churchill: Activist, Suffragist, Author

When: 1833-1926 Where: Born in Canada, but accomplished most of her work in Denver, Colorado Why Important: Activist, Suffragist, Author, Editor Biography Caroline M. Nichols was born in 1833 in Ontario, Canada to American parents who encouraged her to pursue her love of reading and education. By age thirteen, Nichols had left school to become […]

Otto Mears: Pathfinder of the San Juans

When: 1840 – 1931 Where: Born in Russia and came to America at the age of 11. Why Important: Built 450 miles of toll roads that later became most of the modern roads in southwestern Colorado.  He also built three railroads in the San Juan Mountains that helped develop the area’s mining wealth. Biography Otto Mears was […]

Molly Brown: Suffragist, Socialite and Adventurer

When: 1867-1932 Where: Born in Missouri, lived in Leadville and Denver Why Important: Maggie Brown traveled frequently, gave time and money to charity, sought women’s suffrage, and was a survivor of the Titanic disaster. Biography Margaret Brown was born of July 18, 1867. Her friends and family called her Maggie; she was not known as Molly until after […]

Ellis Meredith, Suffragist and Activist

When: 1865 – 1955 Where: Born in Montana, moved to Denver Why Important: Prominent journalist, suffragist, activist in the temperance movement. She was known as ‘the Susan B. Anthony of Colorado’ for her hard work in promoting women’s rights. Biography Ellis Meredith was born in Bozeman, Montana in 1865. Her mother, Emily R. Meredith was a well-known […]

Mary Hauck Elitch Long, Founder of Elitch’s Zoological Gardens

When: 1865 – 1936 Where: Born in Philadelphia, moved to California, then Durango, Colorado and finally to Denver Why Important: Mary was the first woman to run a zoo during a time when women did not have political or economic power. Biography Mary Hauck was born May 10, 1865 in Philadelphia. Her family moved to California where […]

Emily Griffith: Educator

When: 1868 – 1947 Where: Born in Cincinnati, moved to Denver in 1894 Why Important: She believed that everyone had a right to  education. She founded The Emily Griffith Opportunity School, which helped make this possible for many people in Denver. Biography Emily Griffith was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 10, 1868. She  grew up poor. […]

Anne Evans: Supporter of the Arts

When: 1871-1941 Where: Denver and Evergreen, CO Why Important: Devoted her life to arts and culture in Colorado Biography Anne Evans was born to one of Denver’s pioneering families. Her father, John Evans, came to Denver from Illinois in 1862 and served as Colorado’s second Territorial Governor,[footnote]“Daily Evening News.” Rocky Mountain News, May 27, 1862. CHNC[/footnote] appointed by Abraham Lincoln. […]

Charles Boettcher: Denver Businessman

When: 1852-1948 Where: Born in Germany and moved first to Wyoming, then to Denver Why Important: Important Denver Businessman, scion of Boettcher Family whose foundation gives millions to Colorado civic projects Biography One of Colorado’s most successful early businessmen, Charles Boettcher (pronounced Bet- cher) left Germany for the United States in 1869. He was 17 years old. […]

Katharine Lee Bates: Songwriter

When: 1859 – 1929 Where: Lived briefly in Colorado Springs Why Important: Wrote “America the Beautiful” Biography Katharine Lee Bates only spent one summer living in Colorado, but that year she wrote the words to one of the United States’ most famous patriotic songs, “America the Beautiful.”[footnote]“America the Beautiful.” Estes Park Trail, August 10, 1923. CHNC [/footnote] At […]

Elizabeth “Baby Doe” McCourt Tabor: Colorado’s Silver Queen

When: 1854 – 1935 Where: Born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and moved to Colorado. Why Important: Baby Doe rose from a simple life to become “The Silver Queen” of Colorado. Baby Doe was known for her beauty, outgoing personality, and drive to become famous. Biography Baby Doe was born Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt in 1854 in Wisconsin. She was […]

Mary Antoinette Perry-Frueauff: Actress and Humanitarian

When: 1888-1946 Where: Born and raised in Denver, CO Why Important: Actress and Humanitarian; The Tony Award is named after her Biography Antoinette (Tony) Perry-Frueauff was born and raised in Denver. She became well-known in theater as a leading actress and director who opened doors for other women directors. She was an activist and humanitarian, which means […]

Isabella Bird: Adventurer and Travel Writer

When: 1831-1904 Where: Estes Park, CO Why Important: An avid adventurer and best-selling travel writer Biography Isabella Bird became a great writer. Her books were about the places around the world to which she traveled. She survived some tough situations like bad weather and other harsh conditions, which was unusual for women back in those days. She […]