Mailing Lists

Colorado State Library’s Network & Resource Sharing unit hosts numerous mailing lists for the Colorado library community, and can create new lists for eligible libraries and library-related organizations. Learn more about how to start using mailing lists: Mailing Lists 101.

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are hosted by the Colorado State Library, unless otherwise noted:

  • CAL-IFC – Colorado Association of Libraries Intellectual Freedom Committee
  • CAL-Makers – Colorado Association of Libraries Makerspace Interest Group
  • CAL-QIG – Colorado Association of Libraries Queer Interest Group
  • CASL Community – Yahoo group for the Colorado Association of School Libraries
  • CheckOutColorado – Information about the partnership between Colorado State Parks and the Colorado State Library
  • chr – Colorado Cultural and Historic Resources Task Force. Disaster planning and response for cultural heritage institutions
  • CLEL – Colorado Librarians for Early Literacy
  • CoALA-l – Colorado Academic Library Association
  • CoCivicEngage – Discussion list for civic engagement in Colorado libraries, including programming ideas, resources, skills, and tools for coordinating local dialogue and deliberation.
  • COLibDev – Discussion list for library development officers in Colorado libraries, including topics such as fundraising, grants, donors, and volunteer management.
  • ColASL – Colorado Association of Special Libraries
  • COLibMarketers – Colorado Library Marketers is a mailing list for Colorado library marketing/communications professionals and librarians involved in marketing.
  • CoProLib – Colorado library public program coordinators
  • CORR – Colorado Reentry Resources, an interest group focused on bridging the gap between prison and public libraries in order to better facilitate the successful transition of returning citizens.
  • CEA Forums – Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – Correctional Education Association’s forums on libraries and other topics
  • CVL Collections – CVL Collections Users Group
  • CYAAL – Colorado Young Adult Advocates in Libraries
  • CYS-Lib – Colorado Youth Services Network
  • DUG – Colorado Public Library Data Users Group
  • IT-Share –  Technical knowledge for Colorado libraries and cultural heritage organizations
  • Libnet – All things library in Colorado
  • PPC – Plains to Peaks Interest Group
  • PL-EVAL – Public Library Research & Evaluation
  • PRISON-L – This listserv is intended to help anyone who serves the underserved in correctional settings (prison, jail, detention centers, state mental health institutions, juvenile facilities) or justice-involved individuals (those in halfway houses, community corrections, sober living, transitional housing, on parole, or the formerly incarcerated).
  • PUBLIB – International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions forum for public librarians and those interested in public libraries
  • pubyac (site under construction) – Youth librarianship focus, hosted by the Center for Children’s Books and affiliated with the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • RMOIG – Rocky Mountain Outreach Interest Group
  • SchoolLibraryHotline – Colorado school library discussion list
  • SCoAL – Southern Colorado Academic Libraries
  • S2OHA – Square States Oral History Association

For additional information, contact Dave Hodgins at


Here are a few common-sense guidelines to help the mailing list communities operate more smoothly:

  • When posting giveaways or freebies:
    • Start your subject line with GIVEAWAY.
    • Condense your giveaway info into a single email.
  • Always include a subject line in your post. Posts without subject lines are often flagged as spam by receiving mail servers.
  • Please respect your mailing list community by not posting advertisements for products or services.
  • When possible, refrain from posting images and other attachments. Some mailing lists—most notably Libnet—will remove all attachments except images.
    • If you must post an image, resize it as small as possible to prevent needlessly filling up inboxes.
    • Tip: Instead of including an attachment, try linking to a web version of the document instead.
  • Before responding to another community member using “Reply All”, consider whether your reply should be seen by the entire mailing list. Large lists, such as Libnet, have well over 1,000 subscribers.

New Lists

To inquire about creating a new mailing list, please fill out the form below. The State Library’s Systems Administrator will contact you for additional information.