New Resources on Federal and State Laws Pertaining to COVID-19

Several new memos and Issue Briefs have recently been released by Colorado Legislative Council Staff that provide some guidance on how Colorado and federal laws address some of the issues brought about by COVID-19. Colorado Criminal Justice System Response to COVID-19 discusses the operations of the courts and correctional institutions during the outbreak. Expansion of […]

Colfax: Metro Denver’s Most Famous (or Infamous!) Street

The Colorado State Library is located on Colfax Avenue, as is the State Capitol. It’s one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, with a colorful reputation and an intriguing history. The earliest settlers in the Denver area knew it as Grand Avenue or the Golden Road, but residents advocating for Colorado statehood dubbed it Colfax in […]

1918 Influenza

Cañon City High School students wear masks during the 1918-19 pandemic. Photo courtesy History Colorado. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the great Spanish influenza pandemic that claimed the lives of an estimated 50 million people worldwide — more people than died in combat in both World Wars combined. I have several relatives who […]

Time Machine Tuesday: In Search of the "Climate Cure"

Today we often think of early settlers coming to Colorado seeking wealth, but in fact, just as many — if not more — were seeking health.  Respiratory diseases, especially tuberculosis, were widespread in America and Europe in the nineteenth century. At that time, medical professionals did not understand that tuberculosis was communicable. Instead, they believed […]

Emergency Medical Services in Colorado

In Colorado the Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) oversees emergency medical services (EMS), including training and certification, trauma services, funding, air and ground ambulance, etc., and provides data on these services.  In our library you can find many resources on EMS in Colorado from the CDPHE and cooperating agencies.  Some highlights include: Emergency […]

Loan Repayment Program for Healthcare Professionals

The State of Colorado has found a clever way to encourage health care practitioners to move to rural and underserved areas where their services are badly needed.  It is called the Loan Repayment Program.  By agreeing to practice in underserved areas for three years, new health care professionals can receive repayment funds for their student […]

National Breastfeeding Month

August has been designated National Breastfeeding Month.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) encourages breastfeeding as the natural, healthy way to feed a baby, and they have issued a number of publications on this topic.  Their major report on breastfeeding is Getting it Right After Delivery:  Five Hospital Practices that Support Breastfeeding.  […]

Find and Compare Health Facilities

Health facilities such as assisted living centers, clinics, dialysis centers, hospices, nursing homes, and other facilities, in addition to hospitals, are required to be licensed by the State of Colorado.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides an online directory of all licensed health facilities in the state of Colorado.  Here you can […]

Assisted Living

Did you know that September 13-19 is National Assisted Living Week?  The State of Colorado has a number of resources that can help you find information on assisted living facilities in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has a database of facilities in Colorado, with information on the facilities’ licensure.  Also, […]

Colorado’s Growing Health Industry

The Colorado Department of Higher Education and its subsidiary, College in Colorado, have teamed up with three Colorado community colleges to to offer a new website for Coloradans interested in studying for health careers.  According to the website,, the health industry is adding 4,000-8,000 new jobs each year, and pay is above the national […]

Colorado State Hospital

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP), formerly known as the Colorado State Hospital, is celebrating its 135th anniversary this year.  (See the news story from the Colorado Department of Human Services.)  The institution was founded as the Colorado State Insane Asylum on October 23, 1879.  It grew from 12 patients that year to […]

Hospice Care

Did you know that November is National Hospice Palliative Care Month?  If you are searching for hospice care for a loved one, be sure to select the best care possible by visiting the Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment’s Consumer Resources – Hospices webpage.  Here you will find the information you need on inspections, incident occurrences, and how to file […]

History of Colorado Medicine

Colorado has a long history of medical care and innovations, with many of the state’s early settlers choosing Colorado for it’s “climate cure” of consumption (tuberculosis) and other respiratory diseases rampant in the eastern U.S. Today, Colorado is recognized as having several of the nation’s leading research hospitals, including the University of Colorado Medical Center […]

Colorado Hospital Report Card

The Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Hospital Association have unveiled a new Internet database, the Colorado Hospital Report Card. Created by the Colorado legislature in HB 06-1278, the report card is a resource for comparing hospitals by safety measures, mortality rates, procedure volumes and other measures. Find out which hospital treats […]