Chain/Traction Laws and Winter Driving

Drivers should be aware that the Legislature recently updated Colorado’s chain laws. The new law states that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) may restrict travel by any vehicle, commercial or personal, if it does not carry the proper winter traction equipment. This can apply to any state highway as needed, but I-70 between Dotsero […]

Tips for Avoiding Road Construction Delays

With the warmer weather, road construction season has arrived. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has some useful tools to help you plan your trip and avoid delays. You may already be familiar with, CDOT’s official website for up-to-date road conditions and travel alerts. But did you know that the site now includes a […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Constructing Vail Pass

Colorado’s ski industry depends on transportation along I-70. What would your drive to the slopes be like if it weren’t for Vail Pass? Charles D. “Charley” Vail was the visionary behind the pass, and it – along with the town and ski area – bears his name. Director of the state’s Department of Highways from 1931 […]

I-70 Peak Period Shoulder Lane

Tired of being stuck in traffic on I-70 as you head home from the mountains?  The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has been working on constructing an eastbound I-70 peak period shoulder lane that should help ease some of the congestion along the interstate as skiers, trucks, and others make their way toward Denver.  Construction of the […]

I-70 East Project

Last week the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) unveiled a new website “to educate and engage the public about changes in transportation financing, partnerships and project delivery, and important public engagement opportunities specific to these elements.  The tool also provides an update on the proposed I-70 East project, from I-25 to Tower Road,” according to CDOT’s June 24 press […]

I-70 Mountain Corridor

As the ski season approaches, the problem of congestion along I-70 again becomes a hot topic.  In 2011, the Colorado State Legislature passed HB11-1210, requiring the Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) to study possible solutions for I-70 traffic and mobility.  The resulting study has recently been cataloged by our library:  Report Pursuant to HB 11-1210, Recommendations Regarding Short […]

Ike Liked Colorado

So far, no U.S. President has hailed from Colorado, but one of the first ladies has – Mamie Eisenhower.  As a result, the President who spent the most time in our state was Dwight D. Eisenhower; he even established a “Summer White House” at Lowry Air Base during his presidency.  It was on this day 57 […]

I-70 Twin Tunnels

Today the Colorado Transportation Commission approved $60 million to widen the eastbound tunnel of the I-70 “twin tunnels” in Clear Creek County. The project will add a third lane to the eastbound tunnel to ease congestion. For more information on what this upcoming construction means for you, visit the Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT)’s project […]

I-70 Mountain Corridor Record of Decision

In a recent announcement from the Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT), “On June 16, 2011, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signed the Record of Decision approving the Preferred Alternative for the I-70 Mountain Corridor Programatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS). The FHWA approval marks the end of nearly 20 years of study and discussions about improvements […]

I-70 closed for Rockfall Mitigation

Today I-70 will be closed between Empire and Silverthorne for rockfall mitigation in the Georgetown area. There is a large, unstable cluster of boulders above the highway that will be removed. More information about the closure is available on the Colorado Department of Transportation website. If you are curious about rockfall and why it happens, […]

I-70 Wildlife Watch

The Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado State Patrol, and other partners have just launched a new website, I-70 Wildlife Watch is a website where motorists can log in and report wildlife sightings along the interstate. Then, other motorists can visit the site prior to making their trip and view the […]

Planning the West Corridor of I-70

News sources are reporting that talks and meetings have begun regarding the future of I-70’s western corridor, regarding whether rail lines or highway widening (or both) are the answer to the heavy congestion along the interstate, particularly in Summit and Clear Creek counties. The CDOT-sponsored website,, has a wealth of information on the planning. […]