New Resources on Federal and State Laws Pertaining to COVID-19

Several new memos and Issue Briefs have recently been released by Colorado Legislative Council Staff that provide some guidance on how Colorado and federal laws address some of the issues brought about by COVID-19. Colorado Criminal Justice System Response to COVID-19 discusses the operations of the courts and correctional institutions during the outbreak. Expansion of […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Recovering from the Dust Bowl

In the midst of the Great Depression, farmers on Colorado’s eastern plains also had to contend with another problem, the Dust Bowl. It was the worst ecological disaster in the history of our state. Farmers began moving to the arid regions of the Colorado plains after the passage of the Homestead Act in 1862. By […]

The Future of Work

This week, Governor Polis signed Executive Order B 2019 009, which creates the new Office of Future of Work. The office will address the changing nature of working in Colorado, such as rapidly evolving technology; the growing number of workers who juggle multiple jobs; the rising costs of housing and healthcare; and the growth of […]

Colorado Beer and Breweries

Each year, Colorado produces nearly 1.8 million barrels of craft beer. We’re third in the nation for craft beer sales and production, says the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade, and home to more than 284 craft breweries. In many places around the state, brewing is an important part of the local economy. […]

Interactive Data Tools from the State Demography Office

The State Demography Office (SDO) has recently updated several of their interactive online data and mapping tools. These tools provide easy access to information on population, industry, and more. For population data, check out their Demographic Dashboard. Here you will find data tables on net migration as well as population estimates and projections based on […]

Colorado Downtown Streets

Safety, walkability, transportation, and aesthetic design are all important components of planning a downtown commercial area, whether in a large city or a small town. Downtowns and “Main Streets” can, if well planned, boost tourism and enhance quality of life for residents. Therefore the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the Colorado Department of Public Health […]

Time Machine Tuesday: The WPA in Colorado

During the height of the Great Depression, as banks failed, unemployment soared, and farm prices dropped, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established as one of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal projects. The WPA focused on creating and providing jobs rather than handing out direct relief. Most of the WPA jobs were aimed at […]

Workforce Supply and Demand Data

What are the most in-demand occupations in Colorado? The State’s Talent Found Dashboard uses current job posting data to measure demand, and presents interactive maps and tables that you can use to find out the state’s hottest jobs. The data on the website supplements two 2017 state reports, the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report and Colorado […]

County and Regional Economic Data

If you’re researching which industries drive the economy in various parts of Colorado, be sure to view the Colorado Demography Office’s Base Industry Analysis database. This tool “provides insights into the economic activities that bring outside dollars into a community and the additional jobs that result from the spending of those dollars on local resident […]

New "Colorado Talent Pipeline" Report

The Colorado Workforce Development Council has just released a new Colorado Talent Pipeline Report.  Issued through a partnership between several state agencies, this report “explores issues related to the supply and demand of talent in Colorado.”  Here you can find data on “top jobs,” pay, and job openings; the state’s efforts to attract and utilize […]

Time Machine Tuesday: An Economic Profile of Denver in 1974

Recently the Denver metro area has been experiencing unprecedented economic activity and growth, with hundreds of people moving here each month, new businesses coming to the area, and housing prices skyrocketing.  How does this compare with the Denver of the 1970s? In 1970, the Business School at the University of Colorado established the Denver Urban […]

Colorado and the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace has been designated by the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade as one of Colorado’s fourteen key industries that “drive our state’s economy through innovation and growth.”  Colorado has several large aerospace companies, and the Governor’s Office has identified aerospace as one of the industries they want to see grow in Colorado.  […]

Main Street Revitalization Act

In 2014 the Colorado Legislature passed HB14-1311, the “Colorado Job Creation and Main Street Revitalization Act,” which provided tax credits for Colorado communities to use to boost economic development — including job creation and tourism — while preserving the community’s unique historic commercial structures.  So how has it been doing so far?  According to the Colorado […]

Revenue Forecast

On December 21 the Governor’s Office and the Colorado Legislative Council both issued their respective quarterly revenue forecasts.  The Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting released its Colorado Economic Outlook projected that the state’s economy will “continue to steadily grow, though not at the robust level experienced in 2014,” according to the Office’s press release. […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Industry – 1955

Industry in Colorado changed, and grew, significantly following WWII, according to a 1955 publication in our library collection.  “Since World War II, some 300 new industrial and processing firms have entered active production in Colorado,” and industry “voluntarily began decentralizing its production and distribution facilities,” remarks the report, An Analysis of Industrial Colorado and Its […]

Economic Forecasts

The quarterly economic forecasts were released yesterday by the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) and the Legislative Council.  The December forecasts are important because they are the forecasts referred to for much of the legislation that is introduced from January, the beginning of the legislative session, until March 20 when the next forecasts are […]

The Crash of 1893

The 1929 stock market crash wasn’t the only crash to occur in late October; an earlier event sparked one of the worst economic disasters in Colorado history.  121 years ago today, the U.S. Sentate gave final approval for repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act.  Through repeal, the U.S. government would no longer purchase silver for coinage, moving […]

Colorado Innovation Week

Governor Hickenlooper has proclaimed August 25-29, 2014 as “Colorado Innovation Week.”  According to the Governor’s press release, “The four pillars of the Colorado innovation ecosystem are talent, ideas, capital, and entrepreneurship.”  Hickenlooper says, “Innovation Week is a catalyst for bringing together many of the brightest thinkers and innovation leaders from around the world to inspire […]

Economic Impact of Colorado Airports

A lot has changed since the Wright Brothers made their historic flight from Kitty Hawk 110 years ago today.  Aviation has become and continues to be an important part of the economy.  This fall, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division released a new study on the economic impact of airports in Colorado.  The report […]