Updates to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act

This year the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation updating the Clean Indoor Air Act. HB19-1076 includes several major updates to the 2006 law, which bans smoking indoors in public places: Vaping and e-cigarettes are now included in the ban, which means that they cannot be used indoors in public places. This is intended to curb […]

Great Colorado Smokeout

Today is the “Great American Smokeout”, a day when smokers are encouraged to take the first step and quit smoking. The State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP) sponsors the Colorado Quitline a free program designed to help smokers quit, and stay smoke-free. They have a team of “support coaches” and online educational information. In […]

Smoking Ban in Colorado

Colorado lawmakers passed The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act this past legislative session to protect the health of both the public and employees by reducing their exposure to secondhand smoke. The law creates a safer and healthier environment for employees, families and people statewide to enjoy Colorado’s restaurants, bars and other indoor establishments. July 1, […]

Smoke Rises at the State Capitol

Banning smoking in public places in Colorado has risen to the top of many debates this past week as the legislature conducts hearings on proposed bills. But what are some of the smoking facts? According to STEPP (State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership), tobacco use is reponsible for more than 4,200 deaths yearly in our […]