Tips for working from home

There are a lot of changes happening for all of us right now. With schools closed until mid-April and many people working from home, I thought I would hit a few points that make online learning and working from home easier. We all have enough stress about COVID-19 and social distancing. Setting out some simple […]

Descriptive Link Text – Website Accessibility – part 4

Descriptive links are weblinks disguised as descriptive text that is clicked on to go to the place described.  For instance, in “Look for books in our Library Catalog” the word “catalog” is a descriptive link. Descriptive hyperlinks are especially important for people with visual impairments using screen reading software, and how they are constructed is […]

PDFs and Website Accessibility – Part 2

Does your website have links to download PDF documents? Do you make a really sweet looking event calendar and upload it to your library website as a PDF? Unless authored with accessibility in mind, PDF documents often have accessibility issues. Additionally, PDF documents are typically viewed using a separate application or plug-in, and can thus […]

Website Accessibility

Accessibility… sometimes when I talk about accessibility in libraries folks imagine ramps, wide doors and not stocking items on bottom shelves. This is all essential, but there is something that is often overlooked: your library’s website. It is like another branch of your library and it needs to be accessible too. Web accessibility basically means […]

Soup, well, TechSoup in the Bag of Tricks

Budgeting, finding the right solution, finding the person with the expertise to help, having the hardware, creating the plan…these are some of the issues libraries face when talking about technology. One organization that really shines in helping libraries in these areas is Tech Soup, specifically, Tech Soup for Libraries. TechSoup for Libraries specifically addresses the […]