Time Machine Tuesday: Building the State Capitol

Today, the Capitol Building with its famous gold dome is one of the most recognized symbols of our state. But the road to building a capitol was a long and winding one, fraught with complications that included lawsuits, the firing of the architect, and even uncertainty over whether Denver would remain the state capital. The […]

State Capitol Tours

Summer is a great time to tour the State Capitol building. Whether you’re looking for a fun educational activity with your kids, or you’re just curious yourself, a tour of the Capitol is a great way to learn about Colorado’s history and government and enjoy the statehouse’s beautiful architecture. Each year, nearly 70,000 people tour […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Territorial Capitals and Capitols

Most Coloradans know that Colorado became a state in 1876, but how many can tell you the date when Colorado Territory was established? The answer is February 28, 1861 — 158 years ago this week. Many people are also surprised to learn that Denver hasn’t always been Colorado’s capital city. Just days before the end […]

State Government Facilities Planning

What is the State of Colorado’s vision for the future of its buildings?  Although sometimes overlooked, buildings are one of the state government’s most important assets.  Running the government requires offices and a Capitol building.  Colleges and universities couldn’t exist without classrooms, libraries, labs, athletic facilities, and community spaces.  So maintaining these structures – and […]

Renovations at the Capitol

If you work or live near the State Capitol you have probably seen all of the scaffolding and construction work that has been going on this summer and fall.  According to Legislative Council, the exterior work includes roof work, gutter replacement, and the re-creation — using old plans and drawings — of historic chimneys that […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Capitol Buildings

For those interested in Denver’s architecture, one of the treasures of our library collection is a 1940s publication entitled Colorado Capitol Buildings.  This booklet, prepared by the Colorado Writers’ and Art Programs of the Works Progress Administration, is undated but contains a dedication to the armed forces by Governor Ralph Carr, who served between 1939 […]

Art Exhibition Honoring the State Capitol Dome

Now that the restoration of the Capitol dome is complete, Colorado Creative Industries is celebrating the restoration by asking Colorado artists to contribute original works of “two-dimensional creative interpretations of the capitol building and the dome.”  Selected works will hang in the Capitol Complex.  To enter, visit the Call for Artists from Colorado Creative Industries. Colorado’s capitol building and […]

State Capitol Dome

The Capitol Dome is again being revealed as the scaffolding has been slowly removed over the past several months.  So what was this project all about, and what will be the final result?  The Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, who is overseeing the restoration, has issued this Fact Sheet, which includes a brief description of […]

Colorado State Capitol Art and Memorials

Colorado’s State Capitol is filled with artworks, from murals by Allen Tupper True to stained glass windows commemorating famous Coloradans, portraits of every U.S. President, paintings, tapestries, and more.  On the Capitol grounds can be found a number of statues and Civil War cannons.  And in the Capitol dome you can find a history exhibit, Mr. Brown’s […]

Uncovering the Past at the Colorado State Capitol

Yesterday’s newspaper ran a story about original wall stenciling that has been uncovered in the House and Senate Chambers of the Colorado State Capitol.  The original designs, done in red in the Senate and green in the House to match the chambers’ traditional colors, have been covered by acoustic tiles since the 1950s.  Uncovering the stenciling gives Coloradans a chance to see how […]

Energy and Sustainability at the Capitol

Earlier this month the CU Denver Business School hosted a forum on energy sustainability in historic buildings.  The forum was held in the Colorado State Capitol Building as a living example of the points made in the forum.  Colorado’s Capitol is the first LEED-certified state capitol building in the nation.  At the forum, speakers such as Gov. John […]

Capitol Dome Restoration

If you’ve been downtown recently you’ve probably noticed that the Colorado State Capitol Building’s dome is wrapped with scaffolding under a large white cover.  It’s all part of restoration work that is going on to help restore and stabilize the dome of Colorado’s most important building.  Funding for the project is coming from the State […]

Creative Capitol

Colorado has an interesting arts program called “Creative Capitol,” where artworks reflecting Colorado life, environment, and heritage are displayed in the State Capitol Building. According to the program’s website, “Staff and visitors are welcomed into the Lt. Governor’s office to view the rotating exhibitions and to the Governor’s office to view the permanent collection. This […]

Assessing the Condition of the State Capitol Exterior

Colorado has recently passed legislation to raise money to fund much-needed repairs to the the State Capitol Building. Some of the money will come from the State Historical Fund; others will be fundraised through private donations. Fentress Bradburn Architects assessed the deterioration of the exterior of the building in November 2009. For their photos, and […]

Colorado Veterans Monument

Directly across Lincoln Street from the front of the State Capitol is the Colorado Veterans Monument. Shaped like a smaller, red sandstone version of the Washington Monument, this sculpture was dedicated on November 10, 1990 to all veterans past and present. According to the book Memorials and Art in and Around the Colorado State Capitol, […]

Preserving the State Capitol Dome

The Colorado State Capitol Building has been making headlines lately as lawmakers discuss how to go about funding a much-needed restoration of the building’s crumbling dome. Some funding proposals may come out later this session. Fentress Bradburn Architects recently completed a historic structure assessment of the building, the extent of its deterioration, and the steps […]

Colorado Memorials and Monuments

This Memorial Day week, I would like to highlight a few of the interesting publications CoSPL has describing memorials and monuments in Colorado: Mission Accomplished: Building Colorado Veterans Monument (GSS1.2/M68/2003). Edited by Tim Drago, a key figure in planning for the Colorado Veterans Monument in the late 1980s, this hardcover book with color photos examines […]

Colorado State Capitol Building

While the 2006 Colorado legislature is in session, upgrades to the capitol building have been put on hold. It’s a great time to tour the capitol and sit in on the House and Senate proceedings. Did you know that a Colorado State Capitol Virtual Tour is available, along with historical information about this wonderful building? […]