Time Machine Tuesday: 1984 Floods and Landslides

In May and June of 1984, unseasonably warm temperatures caused that winter’s heavy snowfalls to melt at a rapid pace. As a result, fifteen counties on the Western Slope experienced significant flooding and landslides. Two people died. The damage was so extensive that Governor Lamm renewed his initial disaster declaration over and over again well […]

Colorado Hazard Mapping Tools

Flood season has arrived, and the State of Colorado has a number of online tools useful for mapping areas at risk of floods and landslides. Colorado Water Conservation Board The Colorado Hazard Mapping and Risk MAP Portal from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) provides a variety of tools for assessing hazard risk. In addition […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Anniversary of the 2013 Floods

Five years ago today, the rain began to fall in what became one of the state’s most significant flood disasters, impacting twenty-four counties and causing millions of dollars in damage. The Colorado communities affected by the September 2013 floods showed amazing resilience and are thriving once again. Here are some State of Colorado resources that […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Summer Floods

As hot and dry as it has been so far this summer, it’s hard to believe that most of Colorado’s floods — the September 2013 floods being a significant exception — occur in June and July. In our library you can find many resources on the history of flooding in Colorado. Many flood events are […]

September is National Preparedness Month

The recent hurricane events have demonstrated the importance of being prepared for disaster.  Even though we don’t get hurricanes in our state, there are a number of other disasters to prepare for — including both natural disasters (floods, fires, tornadoes, storms, avalanches, rockslides) and manmade disasters (terrorism, active shooters, power outages).  There are many personal […]

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

‘Tis the season for fires and floods, and if a disaster threatens your home and family, your furry pals will be affected, too.  According to the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), “one of the biggest reasons people return to danger/evacuation zones is to save their pets.”  DHSEM and the state’s emergency […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Buffalo Creek, 20 Years Later

In July of 1996 — twenty years ago this month — the town of Buffalo Creek was hit by a disastrous flash flood that took two lives and caused severe damage to property. Buffalo Creek is located in the western foothills of Jefferson County, about an hour from Denver.  It was founded in 1877.  Known […]

May is Building Safety Month

Governor Hickenlooper has declared May, 2016 as Colorado Building Safety Month.  This month brings recognition to the work of architects, engineers, and construction workers, as well as fire prevention professionals, to reduce risk of structure fire, collapse, flooding, airborne pollutants, and other potential injury-causing structural defects and problems. In our library you can read more […]

Governor’s Disaster Declaration

Lieutenant Governor Garcia (in Governor Hickenlooper’s absence) has issued a disaster declaration for the floods and landslides affecting Colorado due to the heavy spring and summer rains Colorado has experienced this year.  Executive Order D 2015-005 authorizes the Colorado National Guard to respond to flooding and landslides affecting Northwest Colorado, especially State Highway 13.  The […]

Time Machine Tuesday: 1965 Flood

September 2013 notwithstanding, springtime is generally the season when we are most prone to floods in Colorado.  In fact it was on this day, May 19, 1864 that Denver experienced its first major flood disaster.  Yet it was a century later that Denver and the eastern plains experienced another flood, one that many longtime residents […]

Morgan County Floods

Due to recent heavy rains the National Weather Service is carefully monitoring water levels in some areas of Colorado, particularly around Fort Morgan.  The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Morgan County EOC have been activated and potential evacuation zones have been established.  The weather is being monitored for continued rainfall, as well.  Morgan County […]

September is National Preparedness Month

Communities and individuals are better able to withstand disasters when they are prepared, whether it is by clearing the area around a structure at risk of wildfire; purchasing flood insurance; participating in a community-wide exercise; monitoring homeland security threats; or even keeping a snow shovel and blanket in your car during winter.  The State of […]

The Floods — One Year Later

This cool and rainy day brings to mind the pouring rains of one year ago that caused the devastating 2013 floods, one of the largest natural disasters in our state’s history.  Colorado has come a long way in the year since the flooding.  Earlier this week Governor Hickenlooper released a statement commemorating the flood anniversary, […]

Cleaning Up and Returning Home After Floods and Mudslides

Last September’s floods left many with difficult clean-up before being able to return home.  With the significant amount of burn areas in Colorado, floods remain a threat for this year, and Mesa County has already seen mudslides this spring.  If your home is affected, it can be overwhelming to think about all you need to […]

Colorado Flood and Wildfire Awareness Week

In 2013 Colorado experienced the twin disasters of wildfires and floods on an especially large scale.  Now, it is time to take the lessons learned from these disasters and prepare for this year, as summer — fire and flood season — is just a few months away.  Therefore, this week has been designated Colorado Flood […]

Colorado Climate Center – 2013 Flood Data

Colorado State University’s Colorado Climate Center has compiled a special website devoted to last September’s floods.  This website has extensive climatological data on the floods, including satellite imagery, a timeline, records and storm totals, accumulation graphs, streamflow runoff, and more.  The site also includes a section with numerous photographs from the affected areas.  They are also accepting your photo submissions.  The Colorado […]

Replacing Important Papers

Did you lose any of your important personal papers in the recent flooding?  If so, you may be scrambling to remember everything that needs to be replaced, as well as figuring out where to go to get replacements.  The Colorado Division of Emergency Management has addressed this problem by posting a list on their blog with […]