25th Anniversary of the South Canyon Fire

This past Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of the South Canyon Fire near Glenwood Springs, which claimed the lives of fourteen firefighters battling the blaze on Storm King Mountain. Caused by a lightning strike on July 2, the wildfire seemed manageable until July 6, when a shift in the wind caused the fire to suddenly […]

New Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests

How did the 2018 fire season affect our state’s forests? What impacts are insects having on our trees? And what can the State of Colorado do to protect our natural resources? All of these questions are explored in a new report from the Colorado State Forest Service released this month. Each year the Forest Service, […]

Wildfire Information

Here’s where to go to get the latest on the multiple wildfires burning across the state: Updates and maps from the State Emergency Operations Center: http://www.coemergency.com/. Check here for a list of all Facebook/Twitter accounts for individual fires. Also, see CoEmergency Facebook page. Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) Division of Fire Prevention […]

Get Ready for Wildfire Season

With this past winter being relatively dry, fire danger is expected to be higher than usual this year, especially in areas of lower elevation.  The State of Colorado has numerous resources to help you prepare. This consumer alert from the Colorado Division of Insurance will help you determine if your property is adequately insured. The […]

September is National Preparedness Month

The recent hurricane events have demonstrated the importance of being prepared for disaster.  Even though we don’t get hurricanes in our state, there are a number of other disasters to prepare for — including both natural disasters (floods, fires, tornadoes, storms, avalanches, rockslides) and manmade disasters (terrorism, active shooters, power outages).  There are many personal […]

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

‘Tis the season for fires and floods, and if a disaster threatens your home and family, your furry pals will be affected, too.  According to the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), “one of the biggest reasons people return to danger/evacuation zones is to save their pets.”  DHSEM and the state’s emergency […]

2017 Colorado Wildfire Outlook

On April 14 the Governor and the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control (DFPC) presented on the outlook for the 2017 wildfire season.  “The number, intensity, and complexity of wildfires in Colorado have been growing exponentially, and experts predict that it will continue to worsen,” notes the Department of Public Safety’s press release. Each […]

2016 Wildfires — Disaster Recovery

Junkins Fire. Were you affected by the recent Junkins Fire, Beulah Hill Fire, or Hayden Pass Fire?  The Governor has declared a disaster emergency for each of these wildfires.  Of the three recent fires, the Junkins Fire was the most destructive, destroying nine homes and nine other structures.  And with the recent warm, dry weather, […]

May is Building Safety Month

Governor Hickenlooper has declared May, 2016 as Colorado Building Safety Month.  This month brings recognition to the work of architects, engineers, and construction workers, as well as fire prevention professionals, to reduce risk of structure fire, collapse, flooding, airborne pollutants, and other potential injury-causing structural defects and problems. In our library you can read more […]

Preparing for Wildfire Season

Colorado has already seen several small wildfires this spring, and the dry weather suggests that wildfires may be a problem as spring moves into summer.  Numerous Colorado state agencies have provided helpful websites and resources to help property owners, first responders, decision makers, and others prepare for what could be an active wildfire season. The […]

Preparedness Factsheets

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management and www.readycolorado.com, the State’s official preparedness website, are offering a set of fact sheets or “preparedness bulletins” on the Division’s website.  Intended for general audiences, the bulletins are quick summaries on how to prepare for a variety of disasters, including avalanches, earthquakes, electrical outages, fires and […]

September is National Preparedness Month

Communities and individuals are better able to withstand disasters when they are prepared, whether it is by clearing the area around a structure at risk of wildfire; purchasing flood insurance; participating in a community-wide exercise; monitoring homeland security threats; or even keeping a snow shovel and blanket in your car during winter.  The State of […]

Colorado Fireworks Safety, Rules, and Laws

This Friday will be the Fourth of July, and many people like to celebrate Independence Day with fireworks.  Be sure you know the rules about fireworks in Colorado, however, before you buy or use illegal fireworks.  It is also important to understand the fire safety risks of using fireworks. Fireworks sales and displays are regulated […]

Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal

The Colorado State Forest Service at Colorado State University has released a new online tool, the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal, or CO-WRAP.  This website is designed to help those living in the wildland-urban interface understand the level of wildfire risk to their property.  Using maps and data, the site assesses the risk to a […]

Wildfire Preparedness

As Colorado heads into wildfire season, the Department of Public Safety’s Division of Fire Prevention and Control has issued several new publications including the 2014 Wildfire Preparedness Plan.  The Plan, submitted to the Governor and Legislature, addresses the amount of aerial firefighting resources needed; the availability of firefighting equipment and personnel; processes for resource mobilization; […]

Firefighting Air Fleet

On Monday (May 12, 2014), the governor signed a bill creating the state’s first firefighting air fleet. The bill (SB 14-164) approves appropriations to purchase two high-technology fire-detecting aircraft and also contract with up to four firefighting helicopters and four single-engine air tankers. The fleet will aid in early detection of wildfires, and improve the […]

Colorado Flood and Wildfire Awareness Week

In 2013 Colorado experienced the twin disasters of wildfires and floods on an especially large scale.  Now, it is time to take the lessons learned from these disasters and prepare for this year, as summer — fire and flood season — is just a few months away.  Therefore, this week has been designated Colorado Flood […]

Colorado Wildfire Resources

From the State of Colorado homepage, www.colorado.gov: Colorado Wildfire Resources Information on current Colorado wildfires can be obtained from the following websites, which are updated regularly during incidents: Current Map of Colorado Fires by COEM Colorado Office of Emergency Management Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center U.S. Forest Service Active Fire Map Red Cross information INCIWEB