New Resources on Federal and State Laws Pertaining to COVID-19

Several new memos and Issue Briefs have recently been released by Colorado Legislative Council Staff that provide some guidance on how Colorado and federal laws address some of the issues brought about by COVID-19. Colorado Criminal Justice System Response to COVID-19 discusses the operations of the courts and correctional institutions during the outbreak. Expansion of […]

New Resources on Special Districts

Colorado has about 2,400 special districts, as designated by Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. Special districts provide specialized services such as water/sewer, fire protection, parks & recreation, or libraries. They have the power to tax or assess fees for services and/or to issue bonds to help pay for community improvements. There are various […]

Fiscal Impacts of Ballot Measures

How will this year’s ballot measures affect state taxes and spending if passed? While much of this information is detailed in the Blue Book, the Colorado Legislative Council has also issued fiscal impact statements for each ballot measure. These statements include more detailed analysis of each measure’s fiscal impact, including tables and side-by-side comparisons of […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Income Tax Statistics

Income tax filing season has arrived.  How do today’s incomes compare with those in the past?  It’s hard to believe that just forty years ago the average annual household income in Colorado was only $13,214! In 1977 the Colorado Legislative Council issued their tax study Colorado Statistics of Income: Individual Income Tax Returns, Fiscal Year […]

Understanding Colorado School Finance

As one of the largest portions of our state budget, school finance is something that the Legislature keeps close tabs on.  There have already been a number of school finance bills introduced in the first month of the 2018 session. Because of the number of laws that govern school finance in Colorado, such as the […]

Historic Preservation Tax Credits

This month’s Colorado Heritage magazine contains a Q & A about historic preservation tax credits in Colorado. These credits, both state and federal, are designed to encourage property owners to repair, renovate, and preserve historic buildings by helping them save money on their taxes.  In our library we have a number of resources that explain […]

Preventing Identity Theft When Filing Your Taxes

Tax season has arrived, and filing your taxes requires the disclosure of a significant amount of personal information — making it a target for thieves who want to steal your identity, or your refund.  The Colorado Department of Revenue has issued some helpful tips, reproduced below, to heighten awareness and help protect yourself during tax […]

Department of Revenue Annual Report

The Colorado Department of Revenue has just released its 2016 Annual Report.  This annual report is one of the most useful and robust statistical reports published by the State.  In the report you can find numbers on such topics as: MOTOR VEHICLES Titles and registrations Emissions Licenses issued Permits issued  Numbers of licenses in force, […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Property Tax

Unlike income tax, Colorado has had a property tax since the state was founded — provisions for a property tax were made in the original state constitution.  In 1877 and 1899 the Legislature tweaked the property tax laws to equalize values.  Then in 1902, a major property tax law was passed, resulting from the significant […]

Understanding Property Taxation in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs’ Division of Property Taxation publishes a series of brochures about property taxation in Colorado.  These easy-to-understand brochures cover such topics as property valuation and taxation for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties; property tax exemptions and rebates for seniors, the disabled, and military/veterans, and more.  Check our library’s web catalog for previous […]


If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you’d better hurry!  Tax day is tomorrow.  You can find all the resources you need on the Colorado Department of Revenue’s website — including tax forms, information on refunds, answers to common questions, updates on tax legislation, videos and fact sheets, tax filing information for flood victims, a tax […]

New Version of the Backseat Budgeter

This fall Colorado State University released a new version of their interactive tool, Colorado Backseat Budgeter.  Developed in part by CSU’s Colorado Futures Center, the online tool allows citizens to participate in a simulation of the state’s budgeting process.  According to a media release from the center, “the online tool displays the 2013-14 Colorado general fund budget […]

Public School Finance Act

Yesterday Governor Hickenlooper signed SB13-213, the Public School Finance Act.  This new law revamps the original 1994 Public School Finance Act.  It is important that Colorado citizens to know about the Act because it will be on the ballot in November.  The bill refers a measure to the voters that proposes raising tax revenue to help fund public schools.  […]


Tax Day is only a month away.  The State of Colorado’s Revenue Online has everything you need to know about filing your state tax return.  If you have questions about your taxes, other helpful sources of information include the Colorado Dept. of Revenue’s Tax FYI fact sheets, Tax Information Index, and new TaxInfo blog.

Income Tax

Tax season is here; also, did you know that today is the 100th anniversary of the income tax?  The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, authorizing a graduated income tax, was ratified on February 25, 1913 (you can read it here).  Today, our state and nation’s income tax laws are varied and complex, but the […]