Answers to Common Tax Questions

2014 W-2s are headed to a mailbox near you, so it’s time to start preparing for tax season.  The Colorado Department of Revenue has set up a helpful webpage with quick answers to many of the most common tax questions, with special reference to Colorado’s specific tax laws.  Here you can find information on such varied topics as tax forms, income tax credits, military filing information, direct deposit of refunds, part-year or non-resident filing, amending a return, tax refund interception, extensions, and more.  Tax forms and instructions can be found here on the Department’s website.  Further information on tax topics can also be found in the Department’s FYI series of fact sheets.  These fact sheets are also available from our library, including back issues.  Finally, if you still need help, the Department of Revenue has created a series of instructional videos and a taxation blog, which can both be found here.