Updates to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act

This year the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation updating the Clean Indoor Air Act. HB19-1076 includes several major updates to the 2006 law, which bans smoking indoors in public places: Vaping and e-cigarettes are now included in the ban, which means that they cannot be used indoors in public places. This is intended to curb […]

Marijuana Facts for Parents and Caregivers

Last month the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched a new awareness campaign, Responsibility Grows Here, for teaching parents and caregivers about the responsible use of marijuana, including information for pregnant and breastfeeding women, responsible use around children, and how to talk to youth about marijuana. From the CDPHE’s press release: Trusted adults […]

Financial Protection for Marijuana Businesses and Investors

In 2014 the Colorado Legislature passed the Marijuana Financial Services Cooperative Act, which allows for the creation of what are referred to as “cannabis credit co-ops,” defined as “a cooperative association incorporated…for the twofold purpose of providing specified financial services to its members and creating a source of credit for them.”  According to the Act, […]

New Laws in Effect January 1

On New Year’s Day several new laws, passed during the 2016 and 2017 legislative sessions, went into effect.  The new laws are: HB16-1387, Health Insurance for Protein Allergic Conditions SB17-065, Transparency in Direct Pay Health Care Prices SB17-088, Participating Provider Network Selection Criteria  HB17-1220, Prevent Marijuana Diversion to Illegal Market HB17-1231, Market Conduct Examinations Insurance […]

Time Machine Tuesday: History of Colorado Cannabis Laws

The topic of marijuana/cannabis in Colorado is not a new one.  In our library you can find state publications that tell the story of cannabis in Colorado over the past century. The first Colorado cannabis law appeared on the books exactly one hundred years ago.  In 1917, the Colorado Legislature passed a law “to declare […]

Department of Revenue Annual Report

The Colorado Department of Revenue has just released its 2016 Annual Report.  This annual report is one of the most useful and robust statistical reports published by the State.  In the report you can find numbers on such topics as: MOTOR VEHICLES Titles and registrations Emissions Licenses issued Permits issued  Numbers of licenses in force, […]

Cannabis Production Information

Cannabis growers in Colorado are required to follow certain rules and regulations.  The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA)’s website has several resources that can help producers or prospective producers raise cannabis safely and legally. CDA has recently launched their Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production page.  Here you can find information on the Colorado Pesticide Applicator […]

Marijuana Laws and Health Effects

In anticipation of 4/20 the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has posted a news release with helpful reminders about the state’s laws regarding marijuana, as well as information on its health effects.  CDPHE has issued numerous publications to educate consumers about the regulation and effects of marijuana.  Other agencies, such as the Department […]

New Statistics on Marijuana Use

Today the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released new statistics on adult marijuana use in Colorado.  The data reveals that 13.6% of Colorado adults use marijuana.  Other data includes male vs. female use (men are more likely to use); education level and habitual use (use is lower among adults with a college education); […]

New Report on the Health Effects of Marijuana

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has just released a new report discussing the potential health effects of marijuana.  The report, Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana in Colorado, reviews the findings of recent literature on the topic to outline the likely health effects of the substance, and offers recommendations for future […]

Marijuana Enforcement, Licenses, and Rules

The Colorado Department of Revenue’s newly-designed website now includes a Marijuana Enforcement webpage which includes helpful information for marijuana retailers, law enforcement, and government officials.  This site includes all licensing information and forms for marijuana retailers, both medical and recreational; applicable laws, statutes, and regulations; tax information; and information on testing, transporting, and registering as […]

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey

Today, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released preliminary results from a survey that show that 37% of Colorado high school students have tried marijuana, and one in five has used it in the past month.  These results are from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, a survey of middle and high school students that is administered […]

Industrial Hemp

With the passage of Amendment 64, the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is required to perform such regulatory functions as registration of growers and oversight of crop inspections.  However, the CDA warns growers that “while Colorado legalized the production of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis spp), growing is still considered illegal by the Federal Law.”  Therefore, some factors in hemp cultivation […]

Drugged Driving

DUIs are not just for drunk drivers.  If you’re driving under the influence of drugs, you can also get a DUI.  The Colorado Department of Transportation has started a new drugged driving campaign, “Drive High, Get a DUI.”  According to the campaign’s website, in 2012, 5% of the total number of DUIs issued — including those […]

New Marijuana Resource from the State of Colorado

The State of Colorado has just launched a new website, www.colorado.gov/marijuana, that is the “Official State of Colorado Website for Marijuana Information & Resources.”  The site can help Coloradans discover resources including understanding the laws; marijuana’s impact on youth; how to know if you’re using too much; information for home growers; information about driving and […]

Marijuana-Related Online Education Materials

With all the attention on marijuana lately, many parents and teachers are concerned about adolescent use of the drug and its effect on the developing brain.  The Colorado Dept. of Education’s Dropout Prevention and Student Engagement Office has created a helpful list of resources on this topic.  These resources can help youth make smart choices […]

New Audit Report, Medical Marijuana Regulatory System

An article in today’s Denver Post discusses a new state audit on the regulation of medical marijuana, but fails to give a link to the audit — so here is the link.  The audit report looks at the how well the Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) and the Colorado Dept. of Revenue are overseeing medical marijuana in […]

Amendment 64 Implementation

The State of Colorado has recently released its Task Force Report on the Implementation of Amendment 64, Regulation of Marijuana in Colorado.  This task force, created through Executive Order B2012-004, “was asked to identify the legal, policy and procedural issues that need to be resloved, and to offer suggestions and proposals for legislative, regulatory and executive actions […]