Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado School Buildings, 1910

A new addition to the State Publications Library’s digital collection is School Buildings, published by the Colorado Department of Public Instruction in 1910. This publication was issued by the state’s education department in order to provide superintendents and school districts with guidance on better planning and construction for school buildings. In an era when many […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Katherine Craig, Colorado Educator

A few years ago, a couple dozen paintings of Colorado governors and other state officials were uncovered behind a wall at the Colorado State Archives. An article in the January 2020 issue of 5280 Magazine highlights the search for the identity of the only female portrait in the group. As reported in the 5280 article, […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Students Debate the Boulder Dam

In the fall of 1927, the University of Colorado announced the topic for that year’s High School Debating League, which the university was sponsoring. That school year, high school students from all over Colorado would research and debate the merits of the proposed Boulder Dam (known since 1947 as the Hoover Dam). Construction of a […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Thanksgiving Songs and Poems

A century ago the Colorado Superintendent of Public Instruction published a series of “holiday books” for teachers. The books were full of poems, plays, stories, songs, and recitations that could be used for classroom lessons about the various holidays. Two such books, published in 1913 and 1922, included selections for Thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving […]

Remembering Ruben Valdez

Colorado’s first Hispanic Speaker of the House, Ruben Valdez, passed away on Tuesday at age 82. He is remembered as a strong advocate for the Latino community and civil rights. The son of a coal miner, Valdez was born in Trinidad, Colorado, in 1937. After a few years working in Pueblo and in California, he […]

September is National Attendance Awareness Month

Good attendance is an important part of a student’s academic success. High school students who frequently miss school are more likely to drop out, and students of all ages are more engaged in learning if they are consistently present in school. Students who are chronically absent – defined as missing 10 percent or more of […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Learning to Drive in 1936

Learning to drive has long been one of the milestones that teenagers most look forward to during their high school years. Eighty-odd years ago, “driver’s ed” — or “traffic safety” as they called it back then — was a part of the junior and senior high school curriculum. In 1936 there were 317,252 cars, trucks, […]

Resources for Teaching Colorado History

If you’re a teacher and Colorado history is among your subjects this school year, the State of Colorado and our library have numerous resources that can help you and your students. The State Publications Library is a treasure-trove of primary source material. From the original state constitution to publications that examine life in Colorado in […]

Full-Day Kindergarten

Just days before the end of their session, the Colorado Legislature approved funding for full-day kindergarten — one of Governor Polis’s policy initiatives. You can read a summary of the bill and view the final act here. Full-day kindergarten has been studied in Colorado for over a decade. State reports and studies include: School Finance […]

20 Years After Columbine

This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in our state’s history, the April 20, 1999 Columbine High School shootings. Since then, while unfortunately school shootings do still take place, there have been many efforts to address school safety and prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring again. The Colorado School […]

Safe2Tell Colorado

It’s not always easy for teens to report safety concerns to adults — but reporting can save lives. That’s why Safe2Tell Colorado was founded. Sponsored by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, Safe2Tell is a program that allows youth to anonymously report safety concerns affecting themselves, their friends and classmates, their family, or their community. Safe2Tell […]

March is Music In Our Schools Month

Music education has been shown to have enormous benefits to student learning, including helping to develop language, math, and reasoning skills; increasing memorization capability; improving coordination; strengthening emotional development; and helping kids stay engaged in school. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) says that by studying music, students continue the generational conversation and become fluent […]

February is Career and Technical Education Month

Career and technical education (CTE) is a way for middle- and high-school students to get a jump-start on preparing for a successful career. Students in CTE programs — often in partnership with Colorado’s community colleges — can learn skills like automotive repair (an increasingly skilled profession as vehicles include more and more computer components); agriculture; […]

Topics in History: Five Points: The Heart and Soul of Denver

In recent decades, the city of Denver has undergone a drastic transformation both aesthetically and demographically. As young professionals flock back to the city’s center, neighborhoods that have existed as cultural centers for many of Denver’s deep-rooted and diverse communities are undergoing dramatic changes. One of the most significant of these cultural epicenters is Denver’s […]

New Report on Youth Suicide Prevention

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office just released a new report, Community Conversations to Inform Youth Suicide Prevention: A Study of Youth Suicide in Four Colorado Counties, which is now available to view online from our library. The report examines the growing rates of youth suicide in El Paso, La Plata, Mesa, and Pueblo counties, which […]

“Father” John Lewis Dyer: The Snowshoe Itinerant

When: 1812-1901 Where: Central Colorado Mountains Why important: Beloved circuit-riding Methodist preacher Biography John Lewis Dyer was born in Franklin County, Ohio in 1812, but spent most of his early years in Illinois. He received little formal education and, after his marriage to Harriet Foster in 1833, Dyer moved his young family to Wisconsin in […]

Family Literacy Resources

Winter break is a great time to read with your kids! Learning doesn’t just happen at school; it happens at home, too. The Colorado Department of Education defines family literacy as the following: Family Literacy Integrates all the following activities: Parent or family adult education and literacy activities that lead to readiness for postsecondary education […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Penmanship Lessons

Many schools are no longer prioritizing the teaching of cursive penmanship. Yet a century ago, it was a different story. In the days before computers – when even typewriters were something that not everybody had access to – handwriting was of vital importance. The 1912 Course of Study for the Public Schools of Colorado demonstrates […]