Upcoming Webinar Series: Patron Data Protection

Join us for this 4-part webinar series (February 4 – March 31) that will look at practical methods for protecting library patron data, along with considerations when updating technological and procedural practices in your library. These webinars are sponsored by the Colorado State Library, and are free to attend. No registration required. Library Patron Data […]

911 Technology in Colorado

This month the Public Utilities Commission issued a new report on 911 services in Colorado. The General Assembly passed legislation in 2018 requiring the report to be published annually; this year’s is the second such report. It examines the state of 911 services in Colorado, including technology and funding. Currently, Colorado’s (and most other states’) […]

Protecting Personal Information of Library Users

The Colorado General Assembly passed HB 18-1128 during the 2018 legislative session. This new law strengthens protections for consumers with regards to protection of their personal data collected by government and commercial entities. This law applies to all types of libraries in Colorado, and took effect on September 1, 2018. For governmental entities, the bill adds […]

Tips for Avoiding Road Construction Delays

With the warmer weather, road construction season has arrived. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has some useful tools to help you plan your trip and avoid delays. You may already be familiar with cotrip.org, CDOT’s official website for up-to-date road conditions and travel alerts. But did you know that the site now includes a […]

Colorado Hazard Mapping Tools

Flood season has arrived, and the State of Colorado has a number of online tools useful for mapping areas at risk of floods and landslides. Colorado Water Conservation Board The Colorado Hazard Mapping and Risk MAP Portal from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) provides a variety of tools for assessing hazard risk. In addition […]

Interactive Data Tools from the State Demography Office

The State Demography Office (SDO) has recently updated several of their interactive online data and mapping tools. These tools provide easy access to information on population, industry, and more. For population data, check out their Demographic Dashboard. Here you will find data tables on net migration as well as population estimates and projections based on […]

The Future of Health Information Technology in Colorado

Information technology is rapidly changing life in Colorado, including how we access, coordinate, and pay for health care. In the fall of 2015, Governor Hickenlooper established the Colorado Office of eHealth Innovation and an associated eHealth Commission to study these issues. They spent the next two years developing Colorado’s Health IT Roadmap, a significant document […]

Business Identity Theft

Identity theft doesn’t just target individuals — businesses are also vulnerable to these types of crimes. Hijackers can steal financial information from businesses in order to pose as that business to establish lines of credit or make fraudulent purchases. How can your business protect itself from identity theft and cyber crimes? Three Colorado state agencies […]

Transportation Network Companies

How does the State of Colorado regulate digitally-networked transportation companies like Uber and Lyft? The Colorado Legislative Council has just published a new Issue Brief that explores this topic. Here you can learn about the many differences between transportation network companies (TNCs) and traditional taxicabs, including driver requirements, safety inspections, and how the companies set […]

Tips for Flying Drones in Colorado

Whether for fun or for business, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, are a hot new tool that’s growing in popularity. But before you set your drone in flight, you should be aware of safety precautions, laws and regulations, and insurance information. The Colorado Department of Transportation’s website contains a helpful webpage, Fly […]

Tips for Avoiding Cyber Scams

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. What can you do to avoid being a victim of cyber crime? Criminals are increasingly using the internet to target victims, either to steal their identities or scam them out of a lot of money – or both. Below are some common types of cyber fraud, and tips to […]

Computer Science Resource Bank

There’s no question that computer science is becoming an increasingly important subject in today’s schools. If you’re a computer science teacher, be sure to check out the Colorado Department of Education’s new Computer Science Resource Bank. Here you’ll find “a variety of materials for computer science educators, including standards, curricula, and materials for professional educator […]

Open Educational Resources

Good news for students and professors! On Monday Gov. Hickenlooper signed HB18-1331, a bi-partisan bill that encourages “expanding the use of open educational resources at public institutions of higher education.”  Open educational resources, or OERs, are “high-quality teaching, learning and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual […]

Colorado Digital Learning Day

Governor Hickenlooper has declared today, Friday, February, 16, as Colorado Digital Learning Day.  This day highlights the important role of technology in today’s learning landscape.  The proclamation states in part that “Digital Learning Day will encourage teachers, students, schools, parents, policymakers, and the public to participate in activities that promote discussion about innovative learning practices.” […]

Student Data Privacy

The Colorado Department of Education takes many precautions to protect students’ privacy and limit the availability of personally identifiable information.  To learn more, check out the following resources outlining the steps CDE is taking to ensure your children’s privacy: Checklist for Data Sharing Agreements Data Collection Review  Definitions and Review Processes, Agreements Disclosing Personally Identifiable […]

Colorado Judicial Learning Center

The State of Colorado’s judicial branch offers a fun, unique way for all ages to learn about the state’s judicial processes — the Judicial Learning Center.  Developed in partnership with the Colorado Supreme Court Library, “the Learning Center is a 4,000-square-foot museum-style space that is full of interactive, fun, and informative exhibits,” according to their […]

October 10 is Electronic Records Day!

This coming Saturday, October 10, is Electronic Records Day, where we recognize the importance of preserving our digital heritage and making our history more accessible online.  Aside from recognizing the benefits of preservation and access, Electronic Records Day also promotes the preservation of the electronic records themselves, which can deteriorate or become unreadable over time […]