Community Health Equity Map

Where people live in our state in can have an effect on their life expectancy, access to healthcare, and likelihood for developing certain health conditions. Age, education, income, race/ethnicity, and other factors can also determine Coloradans’ health outcomes. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has been studying these health disparities, and they […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Denver’s Freeways That Were Never Built

It was the automobile age…postwar prosperity, new technologies, mass production, and innovations in design meant that cars were selling at a fast rate. It was also the age of suburbanization. White, middle-class families were fleeing the cities for the suburbs, which meant that taking the bus or streetcar was no longer feasible. The baby boom, […]

Colorado Aeronautical Chart

Aeronautical charts are tools used by pilots and air traffic controllers to map a geographic area’s flying conditions. They include things like flight rules, airspace, routes, topography, altitude information, obstructions such as mountains or tall buildings, locations of airports, runways, and control towers, and much more. (See this article from National Geographic on how to […]

Colorado Hazard Mapping Tools

Flood season has arrived, and the State of Colorado has a number of online tools useful for mapping areas at risk of floods and landslides. Colorado Water Conservation Board The Colorado Hazard Mapping and Risk MAP Portal from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) provides a variety of tools for assessing hazard risk. In addition […]

Interactive Data Tools from the State Demography Office

The State Demography Office (SDO) has recently updated several of their interactive online data and mapping tools. These tools provide easy access to information on population, industry, and more. For population data, check out their Demographic Dashboard. Here you will find data tables on net migration as well as population estimates and projections based on […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Minerals and Geology

One of the most frequently accessed publications in our library’s digital collection is The Minerals of Colorado and Area Locations. Published in 1960 by the Colorado Bureau of Mines, this resource lists the various minerals found in Colorado and exactly where in the state they have been discovered, including by county and by mine name (if […]

How Geology Helped Build the Moffat Road

Our library recently received a fascinating new document for our collection that will be of interest to historians researching Colorado’s railroads as well as to those interested in our state’s geology and mineral resources. Exactly one hundred years ago, in 1918, a special committee of the Denver Civic and Commercial Association asked State Geologist Russell […]

Time Machine Tuesday: The History of Colorado’s Highways

Today we take for granted the fact that highways can take us pretty much anywhere we want to go. But in the first half of the 20th century, that wasn’t the case. As automobiles grew in popularity, the need arose for a system of highways that could support ever-increasing numbers of vehicles. While the construction […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Hayden Survey

For something a little different today, instead of profiling a historic document that has been digitized, I’m instead going to introduce you to a brand new digital publication — but one that sends the reader on a journey from the past to the present. Hayden’s Landscapes Revisited:  The Drawings of the Great Colorado Survey, by […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Highway Maps

What was it like to travel around Colorado before I-25, I-70, and the other major highways?  Colorado had a network of smaller roadways — which probably allowed visitors a more scenic view of the state than we have today!  The Colorado Department of Transportation has digitized a number of its old state maps, which have […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Oil and Gas Fields of Colorado

Most Coloradans know that oil and gas production has skyrocketed in Colorado, but a 1975 resource from the Colorado Geological Survey illustrates the industry’s development visually and using statistics.  Oil and Gas Fields of Colorado includes two parts:  a map, and a book of statistical data.  You can see how much the industry has expanded […]

GIS Maps and Data

The Colorado Demography Office offers a number of resources regarding population data.  Some of these have been explored previously in this blog. Today, however, I wanted to highlight their GIS maps and data, located on their State of Colorado: GIS Directory website.  This site gathers many of the Colorado state agencies’ GIS maps together in […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Oil and Gas in Colorado, 1925

Where was oil found in Colorado in the early days of the automobile?  How do different parts of the state compare in oil and gas production based on geological epochs?  A 1925 map (reprinted in 1984) from the Colorado Geological Survey answers these questions and more.  Although the early map did not use color, it […]

Colorado Points of Interest

As you travel through Colorado, you will find numerous markers designating points of interest.  Some of these are historical, and others geological. Historical – History Colorado (formerly the Colorado Historical Society) places and maintains point of interest markers in places where important historical events occurred around the state.  Our library recently acquired an interesting Historical Society publication done in 1972.  […]

Demography Map Gallery

The Colorado State Demography Office has added a new Map Gallery to their website.  The gallery features maps with census information, poverty data, household income, state-to-state migration, and more.  The maps are interactive and customizable.  The gallery also includes several apps which, according to the Demography Office, “Compare 2010 Census vs 2000 Census with a […]

Colorado Geology for Tourists

Are you taking a road trip through Colorado this summer?  Looking for something to do with out-of-town guests?  Or just interested in our state’s natural history?  Then check out the Tourist Guide to Colorado Geology from our library.  Published by the Colorado Geological Survey, the Tourist Guide is an easy-to-read guide to discovering some of […]