New Reports from the Colorado Energy Office

The mission of the Colorado Energy Office is to “deliver cost effective energy services and advance innovative energy solutions for the benefit of all Coloradans.”  The office explores policy and practices related to a variety of types of energy production and consumption, including electricity; renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, methane, hydropower); traditional energy sources […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Oil Shale

In 1921 the Colorado Geological Survey published a bulletin entitled Oil Shales of Colorado.  According to the report, Pennsylvania and nearby states dominated the petroleum extraction industry in the mid-nineteenth century, but as drilling declined at the same time that demand increased, Colorado and other western and mid-western states looked to Scotland and France, who […]

Fracking: Risk to Homes and the Environment

Today’s Denver Post headlined “Colorado residents push to protect homes, river from fracking,” which discusses the use of state rules that were established by recommendations from a 2014 task force.  If you’re looking for the task force’s report, which does not appear to be linked to in the Post article, you can find it here.  […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Oil and Gas Fields of Colorado

Most Coloradans know that oil and gas production has skyrocketed in Colorado, but a 1975 resource from the Colorado Geological Survey illustrates the industry’s development visually and using statistics.  Oil and Gas Fields of Colorado includes two parts:  a map, and a book of statistical data.  You can see how much the industry has expanded […]

Time Machine Tuesday: The Electric Power Industry in Colorado

Back in 1938 the Colorado State Planning Commission and the Works Progress Administration undertook a study of the Development of the Electric Power Industry in Colorado 1916-1936, in order to “forecast the future” of the industry in Colorado, and because the use of hydropower was greatly expanding at this time, particularly as Colorado worked to […]

Oil and Gas Health Information and Response Program

If you’re concerned about the health impacts of oil and gas drilling, fracking, etc., the State of Colorado has a new resource for you.  The Colorado Oil and Gas Health Information and Response Program is a program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment by which you can report health concerns regarding oil […]

Power Up Colorado: Jobs in the Energy Sector

The Colorado Department of Higher Education and College in Colorado have teamed up to create a website devoted to education, training, and jobs in the energy sector.  According to the website, Power Up Colorado, “The energy industry has been a key part of Colorado’s economy throughout its history.  Energy jobs…pay considerably more than Colorado’s median […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Oil and Gas in Colorado, 1925

Where was oil found in Colorado in the early days of the automobile?  How do different parts of the state compare in oil and gas production based on geological epochs?  A 1925 map (reprinted in 1984) from the Colorado Geological Survey answers these questions and more.  Although the early map did not use color, it […]

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The Colorado Energy Office, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and other partners have teamed up to bring you a new website, Refuel Colorado.  This website offers information on the use of and cost savings associated with alternative fuel vehicles.  Website users can select the type of vehicle — […]

Plug-In Electric Motor Vehicles

Laws are changing for plug-in electric motor vehicles in Colorado.  Starting January 1, 2014, owners of such vehicles will be assessed a $50 fee as part of their registration and will be required to display a decal showing that the fee has been paid.  For information on determining whether you have a qualifying vehicle, what to do in cases of […]

Energy and Sustainability at the Capitol

Earlier this month the CU Denver Business School hosted a forum on energy sustainability in historic buildings.  The forum was held in the Colorado State Capitol Building as a living example of the points made in the forum.  Colorado’s Capitol is the first LEED-certified state capitol building in the nation.  At the forum, speakers such as Gov. John […]

Oil and Gas Resources

One of the specialties of the University of Colorado Law School is natural resources law, and the School’s Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment is sponsoring the Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project.  The Project’s website features a helpful resources page on their website that includes information on oil and gas development, GIS, […]

Colorado Energy Office Audit

You may have read of the recent audit of the Colorado Energy Office, which has been making headlines in the last few days.  You can read the audit report online at the State Auditor’s website.  For more on the Colorado Energy Office visit their website or search our web catalog for their publications.  (Note:  Before July 1, 2012, the […]

Energy-Efficient Lighting

If you have a lamp that requires 75 Watt incandescent bulbs, you’d better stock up now, because production will cease next month.  If you need 60 Watt bulbs, you’ve got another year to stock up.  And 100 Watt incandescents have already been phased out last January.  Why?  Federal Regulations are calling for new, energy-efficient lighting […]

Alternative Fuel: Compressed Natural Gas

In 2007 Colorado began it’s “Greening Government” initiative, one of the goals being that 50% of the fuel bought for state vehicles should be alternative fuel. Our state is rich in natural gas reserves, and with that in mind, legislation was passed in 2009 requiring that state-owned vehicles operate on compressed natural gas (CNG) when […]

Wind Power and its Effect on Wildlife

You’ve probably seen the massive white windmill-like towers dotting Colorado’s eastern plains, used for harvesting wind energy.  There’s no question that wind is an important new source of energy for electric power generation.  But how do these giant propellers affect birds and other wildlife?  The Colorado Division of Wildlife held a three-day conference on this subject in 2006; […]

Local Control for Oil and Gas Regulation

Earlier this year Governor Hickenlooper created a task force to develop cooperative strategies regarding the regulation of oil and gas development. As drilling activity has been picking up in Colorado, many communities have been working to establish local regulations in an effort to address environmental concerns. In some cases this has led to conflicting rules […]

Fracking and Oil in Colorado

There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about oil development in Colorado and concern about a technique called hydraulic fracturing or fracking. This technique uses a specially blended liquid which is pumped into a well under extreme pressure causing cracks in rock formations underground. These cracks in the rock then allow […]