Wind Power and its Effect on Wildlife

You’ve probably seen the massive white windmill-like towers dotting Colorado’s eastern plains, used for harvesting wind energy.  There’s no question that wind is an important new source of energy for electric power generation.  But how do these giant propellers affect birds and other wildlife?  The Colorado Division of Wildlife held a three-day conference on this subject in 2006; […]

The Colorado Gold Rush.

Did you know it’s believed that more people came to the Colorado Gold Rush than to the California Gold Rush? It’s true. The Colorado Gold Rush was the boom in the prospecting and mining of gold in present-day Coloradoin the United States that began in 1859 (when the land was still in the Kansas Territory) […]

Honest John

In 1889 when it wasn’t always popular to run for public office, it is said that the Republican machine paid two dollars per vote. John F. Shafroth, watched as Wolfe Londoner won thanks to some extremely dirty politics. Londoner was subsequently removed from office near the end of his term following a trial that uncovered […]

Josephine Roche: A Woman Ahead of Her Time.

Long before Helen Reddy sang about feminism in the 1970’s, Josephine Roche was leading the charge. Roche was born in Nebraska and attended college at Vassar and Columbia University. She moved to Denver in 1912 and became the city’s first full-time female police officer. After inheriting her father’s coal mining company, she purchased enough controlling […]

Is your home famous?

Colorado is famous for its ability to blend the old with the new. Many of Colorado’s neighborhoods have beautiful homes that were built in the early part of the 20th century. Many of these homes are situated throughout the Denver area, and some are even featured prominently in publications available through the State Publications Library. […]

Colorado Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, Sept 13-17, 2010

In support of H. Res 1472, Governor Bill Ritter signed a proclamation designating September 13-17 as Colorado Adult Education and Family Literacy Week.Congressional declaration, H. Res 1472, designating National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week was sponsored by Rep. Jared Polis [D-CO] and is the culmination of literacy advocacy and outreach resulting in twenty co-signers […]

Colorado has a Poet Laureate.

Per Executive order A2010-127, available at our library, Colorado has an official Poet Laureate.David Mason was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington. David Mason’s family goes back four or five generations in Colorado. His father grew up in Trinidad, his mother in Grand Junction, and except for family visits did not spend an extended time […]

General Mills 100,000 Book Giveaway!

Here’s a great opportunity for libraries to get free books.According to General Mills:“As part of a commitment to children’s literacy, Cheerios cereal along with Jon Scieszka, will donate 100,000 books to First Book. First Book’s mission is to give new books to kids in need to help them develop skills to succeed in life.Cheerios is […]

Denver Bicycle sharing

Picking Earth Day, April 22, 2010, Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper, launched the nation’s first large-scale citywide bicycle sharing program. The idea being to help Denver residents and visitors increase their daily activity, save money and reduce carbon emissions, and also to view first hand, lovely and scenic Denver. Denver B-cycle was fully operational at noon, […]

The Great Colorado Payback

For the past 3 weeks the Antiques Roadshow has been airing episodes that were taped in Denver. One of the issues touched on was the Great Colorado Payback, which collects lost and forgotten objects left in safety deposit boxes in Colorado banks. The objects vary from stamp collections to Civil war relics to antique jewelry. […]

Terrorism and Citizen Vigilance

Last week someone who was taking videos from the top of Dillon Reservoir was reported to authorities and, fortunately, found to be innocent. Did you know there exists the Colorado Information Analysis Center, funded mainly by federal Homeland Security funds and staffed by state agencies? It serves as a “fusion center” where reports of suspicious […]

New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss

Are you, or someone you know, resolving to lose weight in 2008? The Physical Activity and Nutrition Program has information to perhaps further motivate you. Don’t let the following “government-sounding” titles turn you off. For anyone concerned about their health, these have excellent information on the consequences of being overweight and ways to make a […]

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Despite the fact that 32 years ago researchers first recognized fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), the incidence is up to 2 out of every 1000 births. Many women are not getting the word that they should abstain from alcohol before conceiving and during pregnancy to avoid the birth defects that drinking can cause. Physicians, themselves, may […]