Colfax: Metro Denver’s Most Famous (or Infamous!) Street

The Colorado State Library is located on Colfax Avenue, as is the State Capitol. It’s one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, with a colorful reputation and an intriguing history. The earliest settlers in the Denver area knew it as Grand Avenue or the Golden Road, but residents advocating for Colorado statehood dubbed it Colfax in […]

Chain/Traction Laws and Winter Driving

Drivers should be aware that the Legislature recently updated Colorado’s chain laws. The new law states that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) may restrict travel by any vehicle, commercial or personal, if it does not carry the proper winter traction equipment. This can apply to any state highway as needed, but I-70 between Dotsero […]

Distracted Driving in Colorado

In 2018, distracted drivers caused 15,673 vehicle crashes in Colorado, resulting in 53 deaths. In a recent survey by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), 33% of respondents admitted to sending a text, email, or social media message while driving during the week prior to the survey. 48% said they read messages while driving. Yet […]

Safe Crossings for Wildlife

Colorado’s rapid population growth affects wildlife by reducing habitat and bringing them in closer contact with humans. Vehicle collisions are a serious threat to wildlife, and many roadways cross through the migration routes used by big game. To help protect wildlife – and motorists – from vehicle collisions, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Transportation Through the Years

New to our library’s digital collection are two historical publications that tell the story of the development of Colorado transportation over the past century. Paths of Progress was published by the state highway department around 1954. Tracing the state’s transportation from Indian trails to interstates, the publication features some great photos of early transportation in […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Learning to Drive in 1936

Learning to drive has long been one of the milestones that teenagers most look forward to during their high school years. Eighty-odd years ago, “driver’s ed” — or “traffic safety” as they called it back then — was a part of the junior and senior high school curriculum. In 1936 there were 317,252 cars, trucks, […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Denver’s Freeways That Were Never Built

It was the automobile age…postwar prosperity, new technologies, mass production, and innovations in design meant that cars were selling at a fast rate. It was also the age of suburbanization. White, middle-class families were fleeing the cities for the suburbs, which meant that taking the bus or streetcar was no longer feasible. The baby boom, […]

Colorado Aeronautical Chart

Aeronautical charts are tools used by pilots and air traffic controllers to map a geographic area’s flying conditions. They include things like flight rules, airspace, routes, topography, altitude information, obstructions such as mountains or tall buildings, locations of airports, runways, and control towers, and much more. (See this article from National Geographic on how to […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Sheer cliffs, deep chasms, and dark shadows make the 2,000-foot-deep Black Canyon of the Gunnison one of Colorado’s most spectacular natural wonders, and twenty years ago, it was officially designated a National Park. Yet for centuries, this sublime canyon has challenged those who wished to conquer it. Ute Indians were the first to explore and […]

Tips for Avoiding Road Construction Delays

With the warmer weather, road construction season has arrived. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has some useful tools to help you plan your trip and avoid delays. You may already be familiar with, CDOT’s official website for up-to-date road conditions and travel alerts. But did you know that the site now includes a […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Highways Bulletin

One hundred years ago, the automobile was changing life across Colorado. When the popularization of the automobile coincided with the growth of the American middle class and increased leisure time, the age of automobile tourism was born. In the years between the two World Wars, vacationers descended on National Parks and monuments like never before. […]

Colorado Downtown Streets

Safety, walkability, transportation, and aesthetic design are all important components of planning a downtown commercial area, whether in a large city or a small town. Downtowns and “Main Streets” can, if well planned, boost tourism and enhance quality of life for residents. Therefore the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the Colorado Department of Public Health […]

Time Machine Tuesday: The WPA in Colorado

During the height of the Great Depression, as banks failed, unemployment soared, and farm prices dropped, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established as one of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal projects. The WPA focused on creating and providing jobs rather than handing out direct relief. Most of the WPA jobs were aimed at […]

Auto Theft Prevention Resources

Motor vehicle theft is on the rise, according to statistics from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. There were 22,206 cases of auto theft in 2017, a 72% increase from 2014! Less than half of the vehicles were recovered. And vehicle break-ins are one of the most common types of property crimes in Colorado. So what […]

Time Machine Tuesday: The Dotsero Train Wreck

110 years ago today occurred one of the state’s worst train disasters. On January 15, 1909 at 9:47p.m., a westbound Denver & Rio Grande passenger train collided with an eastbound freight train just outside of Dotsero, in Eagle County. Apparently the engineer of the passenger train had been confused about the time his train was […]

Transportation Network Companies

How does the State of Colorado regulate digitally-networked transportation companies like Uber and Lyft? The Colorado Legislative Council has just published a new Issue Brief that explores this topic. Here you can learn about the many differences between transportation network companies (TNCs) and traditional taxicabs, including driver requirements, safety inspections, and how the companies set […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Constructing Vail Pass

Colorado’s ski industry depends on transportation along I-70. What would your drive to the slopes be like if it weren’t for Vail Pass? Charles D. “Charley” Vail was the visionary behind the pass, and it – along with the town and ski area – bears his name. Director of the state’s Department of Highways from 1931 […]

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Whether from drinks, drugs, or distractions, impaired driving is a serious hazard that puts lives in danger. Here are some resources from the State of Colorado that can help you learn about the hazards of driving impaired and how to stay safe: SAFETY AND PREVENTION How to Spot an Impaired Driver The Cost of a […]