September is National Preparedness Month

The recent hurricane events have demonstrated the importance of being prepared for disaster.  Even though we don’t get hurricanes in our state, there are a number of other disasters to prepare for — including both natural disasters (floods, fires, tornadoes, storms, avalanches, rockslides) and manmade disasters (terrorism, active shooters, power outages).  There are many personal […]

National Preparedness Month in Colorado

September is National Preparedness Month, bringing awareness to the need for preparation for natural and man-made disasters.  Governor Hickenlooper has issued a proclamation in recognition of National Preparedness Month (click on image to enlarge):   Additionally, the governor, Lt. Governor, and members of the American Red Cross and and the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and […]

Civil Defense in Colorado

One of the very interesting historical publications in our library is the Colorado Nuclear Civil Protection Plan, which was created in 1979 “to establish a state-level emergency organization…in the event of an international crisis that could result in a threat of nuclear war upon the United States.”  Obviously, this publication is outdated and no longer […]

Terrorism and Citizen Vigilance

Last week someone who was taking videos from the top of Dillon Reservoir was reported to authorities and, fortunately, found to be innocent. Did you know there exists the Colorado Information Analysis Center, funded mainly by federal Homeland Security funds and staffed by state agencies? It serves as a “fusion center” where reports of suspicious […]

Homeland Security

Yesterday, the governor announced this year’s funding awards for homeland security programs across Colorado. A breakdown of the monetary distribution is available in the governor’s “Press Release on Homeland Security Grants.” The Homeland Security pages from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management are a great resource. Make sure to scroll down the page, and glance […]

Remembering Sept. 11

Next Monday marks the five year anniversary of Sept.11, and CoSPL has a few resources dealing directly with the tragedy, as well as information on what Colorado’s government is doing to protect our state. CoSPL’s materials concerning Sept. 11 include a number of publications produced by CU-Boulder’s Natural Hazards Research Center. These include:–Emergency Management in […]