Violence Prevention

In addition to the tragic events at Virginia Tech, this week also marked the anniversaries of two other tragedies with the 12th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19th and the 8th anniversary of the Columbine school shootings on April 20th.

Our library has several documents on the Columbine investigation, including Report of the investigation into the 1997 directed report and related matters concerning the Columbine High School shootings in April 1999; Report of the investigation into missing daily field activity and daily supervisor reports related to Columbine High School shootings; and The report of Governor Bill Owens’ Columbine Review Commission. We also have in our collection documents from CU’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence.

The Oklahoma City bombing was an act of domestic terrorism, and you can read about Colorado’s efforts to prepare for terrorism in the State of Colorado Homeland Security Strategy and Colorado Homeland Security in 2006, both available in our library.