Time Machine Tuesday: Thanksgiving Songs and Poems

A century ago the Colorado Superintendent of Public Instruction published a series of “holiday books” for teachers. The books were full of poems, plays, stories, songs, and recitations that could be used for classroom lessons about the various holidays. Two such books, published in 1913 and 1922, included selections for Thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Eugene Field in Colorado

You may be familiar with the Eugene Field branch of the Denver Public Library, but have you ever wondered, who was Eugene Field? And what was his connection to Colorado? Eugene Field is best known for his poems for children, such as “Wynken, Blynken and Nod.” He was also a nationally famous newspaper writer and […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Springtime!!

Hooray for the first day of Spring!  Coloradans have always enjoyed springtime, with our mild and sunny weather.  A century ago, however, Coloradans celebrated more springtime holidays than we do today.  The State of Colorado Spring Holiday Book 1913 is a fun look back at some springtime holidays we still celebrate, like Mother’s Day, and […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado’s Poet Laureates

Was Colorado the first state to have a poet laureate?  It depends on who you ask.  Alice Polk Hill, Colorado’s first poet laureate, was appointed by Governor Oliver Shoup on September 10, 1919.  However, California’s Ina Donna Coolbrith had been appointed by her state’s governor four years earlier, in 1915.  But the Library of Congress […]

Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado Day

Her gleaming mountains capped with snow, Rolling plain and high plateau, Make the land the best I know– Sunny Colorado! — from the poem “Sunny Colorado” by Eugene Parsons August 1 is Colorado Day, the anniversary of Colorado’s statehood (August 1, 1876).  In 1913, the state’s Department of Public Instruction (now the Department of Education) […]

Thomas Hornsby Ferril

Since April is National Poetry Month, it seems an appropriate time to celebrate Colorado’s own Thomas Hornsby Ferril, one of our state’s greatest writers and Colorado’s Poet Laureate from 1979 until his death in 1988.  A poet, journalist, and playwright, Ferril wrote many poems about the Colorado landscape.  Ferril’s words have even been inscribed in a wall […]

Colorado has a Poet Laureate.

Per Executive order A2010-127, available at our library, Colorado has an official Poet Laureate.David Mason was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington. David Mason’s family goes back four or five generations in Colorado. His father grew up in Trinidad, his mother in Grand Junction, and except for family visits did not spend an extended time […]