March is Music In Our Schools Month

Music education has been shown to have enormous benefits to student learning, including helping to develop language, math, and reasoning skills; increasing memorization capability; improving coordination; strengthening emotional development; and helping kids stay engaged in school. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) says that by studying music, students continue the generational conversation and become fluent […]

Jack Langrishe: An 1860s Celebrity

Jack Langrishe. If you attended the theater in the 1860s and 1870s, you probably knew the name Jack Langrishe.  Born in Ireland in 1825, John S. “Jack” Langrishe moved to New York at age 20 and began appearing on stage as a comedic actor and magician.  His theatrical troupe, Langrishe and Company, originally toured New […]

History of Colorado’s Performing Arts

Our state has a rich history of performing arts, from the large venues of the Denver area to the hundreds of small theaters and opera houses that settlers hoped would make their small mining towns “respectable.”  You can read about Colorado’s performing arts in several publications from the Colorado Historical Society and the University Press […]

Creative Districts

In 2011 the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation to allow for the establishment of Creative Districts in Colorado.  According to the legislation, a Creative District is “a well-organized, designated mixed-use area of a community in which a high concentration of cultural facilities, creative businesses, or arts-related businesses serve as the anchor of attraction.”  They can […]

Music History

Since ancient times, a love of music has always been something we humans shared. Over the centuries and even decades, music and peoples’ tastes in music have evolved dramatically, but whether it’s ancient tribal tunes, classical symphonies, or rock-n-roll, music has always been and continues to be an important part of the cultural life of […]

New Guidebook on Arts Education

The Colorado Department of Education has just published a guidebook for arts education in Colorado. The new guidebook is in response to HB10-1273 from the Colorado Legislature. The guidebook addresses the need for arts education and the implementation of arts instruction in schools. Program evaluation, leadership and planning, student engagement, funding, and more are all […]

Arts Education

A new bill introduced this session, HB10-1273, aims to strengthen the requirements for Arts education in Colorado schools. If passed, this bill would require that all Colorado public schools offer classes in visual and performing arts, and all high school students would be required to take some arts classes. If you’re interested in reading about […]