Chain/Traction Laws and Winter Driving

Drivers should be aware that the Legislature recently updated Colorado’s chain laws. The new law states that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) may restrict travel by any vehicle, commercial or personal, if it does not carry the proper winter traction equipment. This can apply to any state highway as needed, but I-70 between Dotsero […]

Distracted Driving in Colorado

In 2018, distracted drivers caused 15,673 vehicle crashes in Colorado, resulting in 53 deaths. In a recent survey by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), 33% of respondents admitted to sending a text, email, or social media message while driving during the week prior to the survey. 48% said they read messages while driving. Yet […]

Tips for Avoiding Road Construction Delays

With the warmer weather, road construction season has arrived. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has some useful tools to help you plan your trip and avoid delays. You may already be familiar with, CDOT’s official website for up-to-date road conditions and travel alerts. But did you know that the site now includes a […]

Auto Theft Prevention Resources

Motor vehicle theft is on the rise, according to statistics from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. There were 22,206 cases of auto theft in 2017, a 72% increase from 2014! Less than half of the vehicles were recovered. And vehicle break-ins are one of the most common types of property crimes in Colorado. So what […]

Transportation Network Companies

How does the State of Colorado regulate digitally-networked transportation companies like Uber and Lyft? The Colorado Legislative Council has just published a new Issue Brief that explores this topic. Here you can learn about the many differences between transportation network companies (TNCs) and traditional taxicabs, including driver requirements, safety inspections, and how the companies set […]

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Whether from drinks, drugs, or distractions, impaired driving is a serious hazard that puts lives in danger. Here are some resources from the State of Colorado that can help you learn about the hazards of driving impaired and how to stay safe: SAFETY AND PREVENTION How to Spot an Impaired Driver The Cost of a […]

Colorado Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book

Colorado Legislative Council, the nonpartisan research branch of the General Assembly, has just updated their Colorado Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book. This handy online guide can answer many of your questions about Colorado’s various motor vehicle laws. Among the topics covered are taxes and fees chain laws distracted driving laws HOV and express lanes emissions […]

'Tis the Season for Parking Problems

Holiday parties and crowded shopping malls, not to mention the possibility for winter weather, can make parking your car a major headache this time of year.  The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) wants you to be prepared so that your holiday festivities don’t get spoiled by having your car towed. The Public Utilities Commission, […]

Keeping Kids Safe on the Road

This week is both National Teen Driver Safety Week and National School Bus Safety Week.  Our library has many resources that can help you learn about and bring attention to both of these important causes. Teen drivers: Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Teen Motor Vehicle Drivers State of Colorado Teen Seatbelt Survey Take Action! Keep Young […]

Dial 511 for Road Conditions

Winter driving season has arrived!  The Colorado Department of Transportation offers several services to help you be prepared and aware of road closures and weather conditions.  Log on to, or simply dial 511 from anywhere in Colorado.  511 works with both cell phones and land lines.  You can also sign up for email or […]

Alcohol and Impaired Driving

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), more than 26,000 people are arrested for a DUI each year.  This includes both drunk driving and drugged driving.  CDOT conducts numerous public awareness campaigns as well as their “high visibility enforcement” campaign known as “The Heat is On,” which include checkpoints and increased police presence during […]

Colorado's Left Lane Law

It’s a frustrating situation:  you’re driving down the highway and come upon a slow-moving vehicle in front of you, so you wish to pass.  But you can’t…someone is driving slowly or “hogging” the left lane, impeding your ability to pass the other vehicle.  It happens every day, but it’s illegal.  Since the passage of Colorado’s […]

Changes Coming for Colorado Drivers

Under a new program called Colorado DRIVES (Colorado Driver License, Record, Identification, and Vehicle Enterprise Solution), the Division of Motor Vehicles will be implementing several changes that will affect Colorado drivers. In April, the Division began rollout of a new driver’s license design.  The new design includes more security features, are laser-engraved, and utilize black-and-white […]

Railroad Crossing Safety

A recent news story offered a history of recent incidents of rail crashes resulting in death, citing 29 deaths in Colorado in the last 5 years, including both heavy rail and light rail incidents.  Last week the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) issued a press release to bring awareness to this issue and provide safety […]