Civil Defense in Colorado

One of the very interesting historical publications in our library is the Colorado Nuclear Civil Protection Plan, which was created in 1979 “to establish a state-level emergency organization…in the event of an international crisis that could result in a threat of nuclear war upon the United States.”  Obviously, this publication is outdated and no longer used, but it offers an eye-opening historical perspective on the times in which it was written.

Today, we have the Colorado Office of Homeland Security, overseen by the Colorado State Patrol.  See Colorado’s current Homeland Security Strategy document for what the state is doing now to help protect its citizens.  Other recent documents of interest include Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan; Terrorism Protective Measures Resource Guide, Water Industry; Senate Select Committee on Homeland Security Report to the Colorado Senate; Homeland Security Research in Colorado; Water Supply Safety; Responding to Chemical Weapons Incidents; Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Terrorism Preparedness; Biological Threats; and Domestic Preparedness:  A Practical Guide to Help the Citizens of Colorado Prepare for Terrorism.

Finally, be sure to visit, a state-supported website that gives Coloradans tips on keeping themselves and their homes protected from all kinds of disasters, whether they be natural or man-made.