New Version of the Backseat Budgeter

This fall Colorado State University released a new version of their interactive tool, Colorado Backseat Budgeter.  Developed in part by CSU’s Colorado Futures Center, the online tool allows citizens to participate in a simulation of the state’s budgeting process.  According to a media release from the center, “the online tool displays the 2013-14 Colorado general fund budget and highlights the impact of two important issues on the November ballot: Amendment 66 (school finance reform) and Proposition AA (marijuana taxation). … [Coloradans can] set their own priorities, save their budget, view others’ budgets, and discuss ideas through online posts.  In addition to helping voters better understand the impact of upcoming ballot initiatives and gain a better understanding of the Colorado general fund budget, the new version of Backseat Budgeter also includes a section that considers the costs of the state’s disaster response to fire and flood damage, as well as a robust healthcare section that helps users examine the costs associated with Medicaid expansion.”