Loan Repayment Program for Healthcare Professionals

The State of Colorado has found a clever way to encourage health care practitioners to move to rural and underserved areas where their services are badly needed.  It is called the Loan Repayment Program.  By agreeing to practice in underserved areas for three years, new health care professionals can receive repayment funds for their student loans.  This month, 33 new health care providers received nearly $2 million in loan repayment in exchange for their agreement to practice in places like Burlington, Rifle, Holly, and Monte Vista.  Other practitioners will stay in the metro area but will practice at community clinics, homeless services, and other agencies providing healthcare to underserved and impoverished populations.  To view the list of the 33 providers and where they’re heading, see the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)’s February 8 press release.  To learn more about the program,visit the CDPHE’s “Health Professional Loan Repayment” website.