Literary Libations: Get Lit with DPL and Denver Distillery!

This month, we’re back with a very special installment of Literary Libations from the Colorado State Library in collaboration with Denver Public Library’s Get Lit Pop-Up Book Club, the Colorado Chapter of Sister’s in Crime, and Denver Distillery. The book: Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man. The Genre: Mystery. The vibe: LIT. If you’ve ever wanted […]

Topics in History: Intersectionality in Colorado: Women’s Rights are Human Rights

As we continue to celebrate women’s history month here in Colorado and across the world, it is vitally important that we remember that no victory is ever won alone and that the greatest steps taken toward freedom and equality are those taken toward freedom and equality for all. While Colorado history has no shortage of […]

Caroline Nichols Churchill: Activist, Suffragist, Author

When: 1833-1926 Where: Born in Canada, but accomplished most of her work in Denver, Colorado Why Important: Activist, Suffragist, Author, Editor Biography Caroline M. Nichols was born in 1833 in Ontario, Canada to American parents who encouraged her to pursue her love of reading and education. By age thirteen, Nichols had left school to become […]

Black History is Colorado History

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection is more than just an online catalog for Colorado’s Historic news publications. It is an open educational resource and preservation tool that offers access to the stories and events that have shaped Colorado and the nation. Furthermore, the range of publications offered allows readers a glimpse into life in Colorado […]

Celebrating Black Voices with the Book Club Resource

The Colorado State Library would like to invite everyone to celebrate Black History Month with our newly updated Book Club Resource! Over the past year, we have refocused our energy toward making our book club collection more diverse and inclusive, so that readers from all cultures and backgrounds can find stories for them written by […]

Topics in History: Five Points: The Heart and Soul of Denver

In recent decades, the city of Denver has undergone a drastic transformation both aesthetically and demographically. As young professionals flock back to the city’s center, neighborhoods that have existed as cultural centers for many of Denver’s deep-rooted and diverse communities are undergoing dramatic changes. One of the most significant of these cultural epicenters is Denver’s […]

Elvin R. Caldwell: City Council President, Activist, Community Leader

When: 1919 – 2004 Where: Denver, Colorado Why Important: First African-American City Council Member West of the Mississippi, Civil Rights advocate, policy-maker, and life-long community leader and organizer. Biography Elvin R. Caldwell was born in Denver on April 11, 1919 and grew up in the historic Five Points neighborhood, which was a predominantly black neighborhood at […]

CSL Welcomes New State Librarian Nicolle Ingui Davies!

The Colorado State Library (CSL) is thrilled to welcome our new State Librarian, Nicolle Ingui Davies, to our CSL team and back to her Colorado home. Davies holds both a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) and a Master’s in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS), making her perfectly suited to this leadership role. Davies returns to […]

CSL Book Club Resource Brief Hiatus Beginning January 31st

The Colorado State Library’s Book Club Resource and Resource Kit Program will be taking a brief hiatus while our friends at the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) complete their AspenCat migration, which is scheduled to begin the first week of February. During this time, we will not be able to add or change any records, or […]

CHNC Welcomes the Westminster Journal with help of SIPA & New Content Support Program!

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection is proud to welcome Westminster’s first local news publication, The Westminster Journal, to our online catalog in our continued effort to expand access to Colorado’s rich newspaper history! Thanks to the Westminster Public Library, CHNC users can now browse over 850 issues of the Westminster Journal, ranging from its first […]

The Book Club Guide to Literary Libations

You’ve finally done it. You’ve formed your book club. Congratulations, because just getting more than two people together in a room that they’re not getting paid to be in is a feat all in itself. Whether you finally got all the names you needed on your library’s sign-up sheet, got a firm commitment from everyone […]

Topics in History: The Lake County War

The Lake County War, as it has become known, was not actually a war at all in the traditional sense.  Instead, it is the term used to describe the time period in what was once Lake County (now Chaffee County) from 1874-1881, during which law and order broke down and vigilante “justice” reigned. For nearly […]

“Father” John Lewis Dyer: The Snowshoe Itinerant

When: 1812-1901 Where: Central Colorado Mountains Why important: Beloved circuit-riding Methodist preacher Biography John Lewis Dyer was born in Franklin County, Ohio in 1812, but spent most of his early years in Illinois. He received little formal education and, after his marriage to Harriet Foster in 1833, Dyer moved his young family to Wisconsin in […]

Topics in History: Leadville’s 1896 Crystal Carnival and Palace

The City of Leadville was founded in much the same way as many Colorado mining towns in the mid-19th century: with the discovery of gold. The Pikes Peak Gold Rush or Colorado Gold Rush brought prospectors to the area where they founded a town called Oro City. Unfortunately, the gold in this “gold city” quickly ran […]

John Charles Frémont: Senator, Governor, Presidential Candidate, and Explorer

  When: 1813-1890 Where: Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains Why important: Explorer, Presidential Candidate, Civil War General Biography John Charles Frémont’s life was a series of ups and downs.  He ran for president, but lost.  He served as a civil war general, but was ridiculed for his approach.  And even before all that, he led […]

Colorado’s Cultural Newspaper History

The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection has once again grown by thousands of pages thanks to some very special new additions! We at the CHNC are proud to welcome more than 10 new foreign language titles to our online catalogue as we constantly strive to grow our knowledge of Colorado’s rich, cultural history.  Whether it’s reading […]

Book Club Updates: You Spoke and We Listened!

The Colorado State Library’s Book Club Resource would like to thank everyone who participated in our partner library survey and to let you know that we heard you! According to your responses, the number one factor in your decision on a particular title is the number of copies available.  So for the next several months, the […]

Topics in History: Colorado’s Homegrown History

As Thanksgiving approaches, there’s a chance you may be swapping recipes with friends, recreating an old family dish, or doing some googling for fresh ideas. Luckily for us Coloradans, our Rocky Mountain home has more than a few favorite foods that are as uniquely intertwined with our history as they are with our daily diets. […]

DU’s Weekly Peanut and The Hesperus Student Newspapers Join the CHNC!

As our list of university newspapers continues to grow, the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection is pleased to welcome some very special additions to our online catalog. The Weekly Peanut and The Hesperus, the University of Denver’s first and second (respectively) student newspapers are now available at and they are even more unique and interesting […]