Good Old Fashioned Barbecue

This week we have already had very warm sun, afternoon thunderstorms, lovely long days, and the Fourth of July! This also means that it is time for summer barbecuing! Truly, what is July Fourth without a barbecue? Barbecuing has been a long-standing tradition as part of our Independence Day activities. This is especially evident in […]

Victorian Wonder Woman-Rattlesnake Kate!

It’s a nice, warm summer day and you are enjoying a jog along the open spaces near your home, when lo and behold, your normally safe trail is very surprisingly obstructed by a rattlesnake along your path. Perhaps you squeal realizing you’re a mere 10 feet away from the rattler that obviously saw you first […]

Warning: This Book Includes Fiercely Loved Taxidermy

Depression and anxiety hardly seem like topics that could be twisted into laugh out loud humor, but Jenny Lawson has a gift for such things.  In her book Furiously Happy she exposes her struggles with the difficult reality of depression and anxiety preventing her from doing even the simplest things, as well as her often unique decisions […]

Grrrl Power!

Let’s honor the strong women in our collection! We have roughly 10 titles for your borrowing needs that celebrate brave, independent, and strong women. Some of these women wield their power subtly, others subversively, and yet others with confident grace. Enjoy the following quotes of these amazing fictional and real ladies. [Dr. Thomas] Mrs. Jessup […]

Helen Bonfils: Denver Post Co Owner & Philanthropist

When: 1889-1972 Where: Peekskill, N.Y. Why Important: Co-owner of the Denver Post, Philanthropist, Established the Denver Center of the Performing Arts Biography Helen Bonfils was born on November 26, 1889 in Peekskill, New York. Her father, Frederick Bonfils, bought the struggling Denver Post newspaper with H.H. Tammen in 1895 and moved his family to Denver, […]

Black Kettle: Cheyenne Chief and Peace Negotiator

When: around 1803- 1868 Where: South Dakota Why Important: Native American peace negotiator Biography Black Kettle was born in South Dakota around 1803 (no one is quite certain what year he was born) into the Cheyenne Nation. Not much is known of Black Kettle’s earlier life, however he clearly possessed leadership skills as he was […]

A Rock Garden Fit for the Gods

“This is truly a perfect palace of a place. Nature and beauty must have here convened and constructed this place in co-partnership. To describe it on my part, would be in actuality detracting from it, for its romance and picturesque sceneries, as it were, beggar all description.”[footnote]Rocky Mountain News Weekly, March 14, 1860. CHNC[/footnote] The Garden of […]

Fashion Conscious in Colorado

People’s fascination (and let’s be fair, women’s in particular) with clothing style has been around for millennia.  However, publications devoted to style have only been around since the eighteenth century. It was of course in Paris, France that the first fashion publication came to be. Le Cabinet des Modes’ first issue was published in 1785.  Similar […]

Oldies But Goodies

Ah…those books that we were required to read in high school English. The “classics.” Authors of a time gone by. Some were even controversial by society’s standards when they were published. All are worthy of conversations and discussions even today. We have seven such titles in our collection. Perhaps your bookclub would love to revisit some of […]

Julia Archibald Holmes: First Woman to Summit Pike’s Peak

When: 1838-1887 Where: Nova Scotia, Canada Why Important: First woman known to summit Pike’s Peak Biography Julia Archibald was born on February 15, 1838 in Nova Scotia, Canada. When she was ten her family moved to the United States and settled in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her father was an abolitionist and her mother was a suffragist. […]

Fire in Colorado Springs!

On January 12, 1900, the thriving business district on Tejon Street in Colorado Springs was rocked by a fire.  The fire was noticed around 4 a.m. by a waiter working at the Blue Front restaurant.[footnote]“Big Loss.” Aspen Tribune, January 13, 1900. CHNC[/footnote] It apparently originated in the basement and soon consumed much of the Nichols & Co. block […]