Oldies But Goodies

Ah…those books that we were required to read in high school English. The “classics.” Authors of a time gone by. Some were even controversial by society’s standards when they were published. All are worthy of conversations and discussions even today. We have seven such titles in our collection. Perhaps your bookclub would love to revisit some of the titles. Do they still hold up and mean the same for them upon their first readings when younger, as when they do now (have you ever re-read Catcher & the Rye as an adult? Sadly, when the teen-angst has dissipated, Holden comes off as spoiled and whiny)? Or perhaps, you are one of our schools that use our service and true, blue contemporary high school students could benefit from exposure to greats of the 19th & 20th centuries? We are here to help your English teachers out!

Here are the classics we possess for your borrowing needs (number of copies available are noted on bottom right of the covers):

It doesn’t have to be all about reading, however, all of these titles now have movie versions. Perhaps your very library has copies of them. A couple of the movies are as classic as the books themselves these days. How do they compare to the original?

I’m a little bit out of it, I suppose; I’m more of the golden oldie type. –Cat Stevens

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