Over the River

Artist Christo’s plan to hang fabric over a portion of the Arkansas River has generated much controversy. Opponents worry that the project will harm the natural landscape, while proponents argue that the art will bring tourism dollars to the area. The BLM, in conjunction with the Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, and the Colorado State Patrol, has studied the issue carefully and has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposal, which you can view online here.

1 thought on “Over the River

  1. Since I lived in Rifle during the 1970s when Christo and Jeanne Claude worked on their Valley Curtain project (it took 2 years), I was happy to submit a comment in support of the Over the River project. The natural landscape here wasn't harmed in the least; the only thing left behind were the concrete structures built to hold the cables that supported the curtain (and they are useful reminders of exactly where the cables hung); and Christo was a popular member of our community during his stay. I hope it will be approved.

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