College Tuition

According to a story in this morning’s Denver Post, “Colorado colleges and universities are proposing possible tuition increases for next year ranging from 9 percent to 21 percent — all made necessary by deep cuts to the state’s contribution to higher education.” If you’re a college student and worried about how to pay for your education, the State of Colorado has many resources that can help you.

A website,, sponsored by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, offers numerous planning tools not just for how to pay for college, but also on how to select a college or major, information on college life, and more.

Since tuition differs based on residency, the CDHE also offers an online residency guide; they also offer a webpage devoted to information on obtaining financial aid.

A fact sheet from the Colorado Legislative Council explains in plain English about taxes and tuition.

Finally, those in the military are eligible for tuition assistance – see the information from the Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs.