Noxious Weeds in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has a Noxious Weed Program whose mission is “to control noxious weeds, the nonnative invaders that replace native vegetation, reduce agricultural productivity, cause wind and water erosion and pose an increased threat to communities from wildfire.”  The program works with state and federal partners to control the spread of noxious weeds as well as educate the community on these invasive species.

Field bindweed, an invasive species in Colorado

The program’s website contains a wealth of information on noxious weeds in Colorado.  You can download a current list of invasive species; learn about early detection and rapid response; apply for grants; and more.  Click on Noxious Weed Mapping to find statewide distribution information on individual invasive species.  The Noxious Weed Species ID link provides numerous photos and other tools for identifying invasive species in the wild and on your property.  Here you can also download a mobile app to assist with identification in the field.

For more information on noxious weeds in Colorado, search our library’s web catalog using the keyword “noxious weeds.”  Some of the helpful resources you will find include:

Photo courtesy Colorado Department of Agriculture