Time Machine Tuesday: Promoting Colorado’s Resources in 1889

Throughout its history, the State of Colorado has worked hard to attract businesses. In 1889 the Colorado General Assembly created the State Bureau of Immigration and Statistics, “charged with the performance of all duties pertaining to and in relation to the encouragement of immigration and governing the same in the State.”  Among the Bureau’s first endeavors was to create a promotional booklet encouraging businesses to locate in Colorado.  This booklet, The Natural Resources, Industrial Development, and Condition of Colorado, was written “to present the great sources of wealth in Colorado and a statement of simple, impartial facts concerning each county in the State and its separate industrial interests.”  Agriculture in the plains, mining in the mountains, and manufacturing in Denver (then part of Arapahoe County) are just some of the many topics covered.  Statistical tables provide further insight into the state’s already growing industries.  Aside from mining and agriculture, other industries covered include oil, forestry, railroads, health resorts/tourism, and more.

Today, Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) has replaced the old Immigration Bureau.  Visit OEDIT’s website to see how they are working to attract business and industry in much the same way as their counterparts 127 years ago.