New Birding Guide

Did you know that 507 different species of birds have been documented in Colorado? If you’re interested in birding, you’ll enjoy the brand-new Colorado Birding Trail Northeastern Colorado Trail Guide. This guidebook is a follow-up to three previous guides, which cover the southeastern, southwestern, and northwestern regions of the state. Featuring beautiful photographs, the guidebooks list area parks and hiking trails, along with the various bird species that can be found there. They also contain facts about birds and other wildlife that share their habitat, as well as birdwatching tips, seasonal information, and more. The guides are available in PDF, but if you’d prefer a hard copy, our library has copies available for checkout.

In addition to the guidebooks, you can visit the Colorado Birding Trail website to find birding festivals and events, explore featured species and trails, and more. The site also offers “birding basics” and viewing tips. The Colorado Birding Trail is sponsored by Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado, and other partners, offering a great way to explore Colorado’s amazing wildlife species and their habitats.