Landlord/Tenant Rights

Yesterday HB08-1356 passed out of the House and will make its way to the Senate. HB1356 gives protections to tenants whose landlords fail to make necessary repairs to their buildings rendering the units unsafe or even uninhabitable for the tenants. With the passage of HB1356 tenants will be able to take their landlords to court for failing to make repairs or other safeguards.
Proponents of the bill argue that this will give more rights to persons at low socioeconomic levels who often are stuck living in poor conditions; with this bill, poorer persons will have options. Opponents of the bill say that it will increase the amount of litigation and will result in landlords going to court frequently over small matters.

The State Publications Library has a variety of publications regarding landlords and tenants, including Landlord – Tenant Rights.

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  1. Thanks for having a link to the bill. The state legislature site is way out of date.

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