Improving School Attendance

Among the many bills introduced yesterday, the first day of the 2013 Legislative session, is HB13-1021, concering school attendance.  The bill, if passed, would enact measures to “ensure that students comply with compulsory school attendance requirements and…requiring schools to address habitual truancy through a multidisciplinary plan.”  The bill also looks at education for students who are in juvenile detention facilities. 

In our library you can find numerous resources on school attendance, including laws and statistics.  A few examples of helpful resources on this topic include the Colorado Dept. of Education’s 2011 publication, Colorado Average Daily Membership Study; the Colorado Supreme Court’s Truancy Symposium Report; and Reimaging High School in Colorado:  Report of Governor Ritter’s Graduation Guidelines Development CouncilFor statistics on school attendance, visit  For background information on the Compulsory School Attendance Law, see