Graywater Reuse

Many people are often confused by Colorado’s graywater reuse laws, so HB13-1044, introduced in the Legislature this session, would, if passed, clarify Colorado’s laws on the reuse of water.  “Graywater” is defined in the bill as “that portion of wastewater that, before being treated or combined with other wastewater, is collected from fixtures within residential, commercial or industrial buildings or institutional facilities for the purpose of being put to beneficial uses,” such as irrigation.  (And don’t worry — as specified in the bill, graywater does not include wastewater from toilets.)  For more information on Colorado’s current graywater reuse laws, see the fact sheet Graywater Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting from the Colorado State University Extension, and Graywater Systems and Rainwater Harvesting in Colorado from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.