Highway Construction

This week, a driver in Massachusetts was killed when a concrete tunnel caved in over her car. The tunnel was a part of that state’s massive construction project known as the “Big Dig.” Colorado is undergoing its own highway project – “T-REX” – and CoSPL has information on the project from the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, including,
T-REX Fact Book (serial) for 2002 and 2003
A Trip Through T-Rex Central: Colorado Boulevard to I-25/I-225 and the I-225 Corridor
A Trip Through T-Rex North: Broadway to Colorado Boulevard
Wall Art on the T-Rex Project
-T-Rex Year in Review (serial) for 2002 – 2005

Although there was nothing the Massachusetts driver could have done to avoid the accident, it is still important to remember to use precautions when driving in construction zones. CDOT has published a guidebook, Work Zone Safety, that deals with these concerns.

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  1. The woman did not die in a construction zone. She died in a part of the tunnel system that was supposedly finished ten years ago.

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