For the Book Club Beginner

You’ve decided on a book club or two to be held at your library.

Or perhaps, a patron would like to be able to hold their own book club and you are assisting the patron in acquiring multiple copies of a title.

And perhaps, with either scenario listed above, there is a novice wondering about the how-tos of book clubbing.

We are here to help!

WHO is the book club for? Teens? Women? Anyone? Seniors? It’s recommended a book club should consist of 5-12 members.

black and white image of man in pith helmet gesturing to distance while woman clings to him
black and white photo of man passionately embracing woman
color illustration of Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe in fedora lighting a cigarette
Mystery? (credit: Warner Brothers Art on Wikicommons)

HOW will you be choosing your books? Is there a bookclub leader who always choses the titles or does everyone in the group take turns suggesting the next title?

WHEN and WHERE will your book club be held?


THEME? The book club could consist of each member reading a different book around a central theme (for example World World II). The theme could also be incorporated into your book club meeting—with costume or food.

PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. Let your patrons know about your book club or assistive book club services!

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