Time Machine Tuesday: T-REX

No, not the dinosaur (that’s really going back in time!).  Here I’m actually referring to the huge transportation project that Coloradans were dealing with about a decade ago.  T-REX, short for Transportation Expansion Project, was a $1.67 billion multi-modal transportation project that added 19 miles of light rail in addition to bridge, drainage, lighting, and lane improvements on I-25 and I-225.  Because it was such a large project, and took over four years to complete, it was covered extensively in many of the state documents of the time, which you can find in our library.  Highlights of these resources include:

  • Updates from Governor Owens in the December 2003 and September/October 2006 issues of StatelineThe 2006 issue reports on the project’s completion.
  • A Trip Through T-REX booklets — covering the north, central, and south areas of the project.
  • T-REX Fact Book — more in-depth information published in 2003 and at project’s end in 2006.
  • Wall Art on the T-REX Project
  • T-REX Year in Review DVDs, one for each year of the project, available for checkout from our library.
  • Light Rail on T-REX (in print, available for checkout from our library).
  • The Road, the Rail, the Solution (in print, available for checkout from our library).


The I-25/I-225 Interchange in 2001, before T-REX.  Courtesy CDOT.