Revenue Forecast

On December 21 the Governor’s Office and the Colorado Legislative Council both issued their respective quarterly revenue forecasts.  The Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting released its Colorado Economic Outlook projected that the state’s economy will “continue to steadily grow, though not at the robust level experienced in 2014,” according to the Office’s press release. Meanwhile, the Colorado Legislative Council (the bipartisan research agency of the State Legislature) released their own quarterly forecast with similar projections.  However, the Governor’s Office predicts a General Fund increase of 2.1% for FY2015-16, while the Legislative Council predicts that “revenue is expected to be sufficient to allow General Fund operating appropriations to increase 4.1 percent.”  Time will tell which agency’s prediction is correct — in the meantime you can review past forecasts from our library:  click here for past issues from the Governor’s Office, and click here for past issues from Legislative Council.