Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book

The Colorado Legislative Council, the non-partisan research branch of the General Assembly, has just released a new information guide on motor vehicle laws, the 2010 Colorado Motor Vehicle Law Resource Book. This handy guide is designed to help Colorado motorists, as well as legislators, navigate the state’s complex array of motor vehicle laws. The guidebook includes easy-to-understand information on numerous motor vehicle topics, including seat belts/child restraints; photo radar enforcement; driver distractions; speed limits; fines and point assessments; driving under the influence; drivers’ license renewal; minor drivers and instruction permits; titling and registration; emissions testing; and laws regarding motorcycles and low-power scooters. This guide is different from the Colorado Driver’s Handbook because it focuses on Colorado driving laws, while the Driver’s Handbook gives more general information on rules of the road. Both guides are handy and helpful references for all Colorado drivers.