Liquor Licenses

Today the state House passed HB15-1204 on second reading; if passed on third reading tomorrow, it will move to the Senate.  This bill creates a new type of liquor license in Colorado – the Distillery Pub license.  This license is similar to the State’s current Brew Pub license, but concerns the production of spirits rather than of beer.  Similar to the Brew Pub license, the new license requires an establishment to serve meals, with at least 15% of its gross income from the sale of food.

Colorado has a number of different types of liquor licenses, and for those opening a new establishment, it can be confusing to decide which type of license best fits your business.  The Colorado Department of Revenue offers a very helpful website with answers to many common liquor licensing questions.  You can also download lists of all currently licensed establishments, recently expired licenses, new licenses, special events permits, tasting rooms, and more at their liquor license webpage.  The lists are updated monthly.  The Department of Revenue also produces an annual report of violations and enforcement actions against licensed establishments; it is available online from our library.