Home care for H1N1

The Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment has just released a new guidebook concerning what to do if you get H1N1 or Swine Flu. The guidebook, released in both English and Spanish, lists the symptoms of H1N1 and how to care for a sick person at home. The guide includes suggestions for diet and medicines; fever signs to watch for; and how to keep from catching the flu when you are caring for someone. The guide isn’t just for those who are sick, though: it also lists preparedness information and a supply list just in case the illness becomes a pandemic and we are forced to stay at home. Experts are predicting this winter is going to be a severe flu season, so it always helps to be prepared. The both language versions of the guidebook, along with flu preparedness videos and fact sheets, can be found at the CDPHE’s Home Healthcare Resources for Pandemic Flu webpage.