Hire for Colorado

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is working to reduce the number of unemployed and underemployed persons in Colorado.  Although the number of unemployed has been reduced with the upturn in the economy following the recession, many are still underemployed in Colorado, according to a new website sponsored by the Department.  HireforColorado.com is a website for both employers and job seekers to find out information on putting Colorado to work.  “If you are a jobseeker, here you will find information and resources to help you find your next job. Employers – sign our employer pledge, post jobs and learn about tax credit opportunities,” proclaims the website.  Not just a jobs listing site, Hire for Colorado also discusses information on expanding training opportunities for decreasing underemployment; revising hiring practices to get better pools of applicants; and how unemployed persons can “get back in the game” after six months or more of unemployment.  If you are seeking a job or looking to fill a position with the best qualified candidate, check out this website today.