Governor John Vanderhoof

The Denver Post is reporting that former Colorado Governor John Vanderhoof has died.  He was 91.  Governor Vanderhoof served from July 1973 through 1974.  He served as Lieutenant Governor under John Love and became governor after Love resigned to join the National Energy Policy Office.  Vanderhoof was born in Rocky Ford, Colorado, and was a WWII Veteran.  He also served twenty years in the State House of Representatives, from 1950 to 1970, where he served for several years as Speaker of the House.

For more information about Governor Vanderhoof, visit the Colorado State Archives website.  Vanderhoof is also featured in the Legislative Council publication Presidents and Speakers of the Colorado General Assembly:  A Biographical Portrait from 1876.  Finally, you can find in our library some of the Vanderhoof administration’s publications, including studies on land use planning, personnel administration, and education for prisoners.  Vanderhoof’s office also published a Guidebook to Denver for the Handicapped, which is also available from our library.