Fishing Guides

Planning on doing some fishing this summer?  If so, Colorado State University just made it easier to identify the fish you catch.  They have created the eField Guide to Western Fishes — Colorado and Wyoming.  You can use the e-field guide on your phone or tablet as they are caught, or search on your computer to find out various fish facts, such as the difference between spiny rayed fish or soft rayed fish.  In addition to color photos of all fish species, the guide includes a glossary, checklist, family groupings, and more.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks & Wildlife) has also published numerous fishing guidebooks and other resources for anglers of all skill levels.  Their annual Fishing Guide, a supplement to Colorado Outdoors Magazine, has just been released — check out a copy from our library.  Other helpful resources available for checkout include:

The Arkansas Darter, a Colorado fish.  Photo by John Woodling, courtesy Colorado Parks & Wildlife.