Degree Within Reach

Colorado college students have long enjoyed a program where they can transfer their credits from community college to a 4-year institution to earn a Bachelor’s degree.  Now, the Colorado Department of Higher Education has introduced a new program, called “Degree Within Reach,” a program of “reverse transfer.”  Their website explains:

Degree Within Reach is the state of Colorado’s way of describing “reverse transfer,” a new process allowing students who have transferred from a Colorado community college to a Colorado university to combine credits from both institutions and apply them towards an associate’s degree.

If you are a transfer student, this means you can complete the associate’s degree you started at your community college while still working toward your bachelor’s degree. You could be eligible even if you left a four-year institution before earning any degree.

For more information on how to get started in the program, click on the link to the program website above. For more information on transfer, visit the Colorado Community College System’s transfer agreements website or search our library’s web catalog for additional resources.