Colorado Libraries Collaborate for 25 Years

This year the Colorado Libraries Collaborate (CLC) program is celebrating its 25th year!  Originally known as the Colorado Library Card program, CLC was launched in 1991 as a way for registered library users across Colorado to gain free access to materials in libraries across the state, therefore not limiting them to only the materials available in their own town, county, or school.  Today, all of Colorado’s public libraries participate in CLC, as do most school and academic libraries, and even some special libraries — greatly expanding the number of resources available to Coloradans.  For more information, see the program’s website.

You can learn about the history and implementation of the CLC program through several publications available from our library:

Also, for background on the need for the establishment of the CLC program, see Library Resource Sharing in Colorado, a 1988 study done by the State Library.  It is available for checkout in print.